RAVPower launches a new generation of chargers wireless, here is our proof


Published on Mar 18, 2018


RAVPower is one of the companies that is better able to combine quality and price and that provides accessories and products is really top-notch users. We find out in our in-depth review, the new features highlights of the new line of chargers wireless, at the moment, we have only tried a sample.

Those looking for a wireless charger for your iPhone (and not only, considering the standard Qi), requires two key features: speed and security. That's why the chargers with support for the fast charging of up to 10W are the most appreciated. Of course, often cost more as they require a certain type of feeder, but RAVPower know this well, and in fact on the chargers top we find the power supply quick included in the package.

This new line of chargers for the wireless, which we will test in more detail on a product by product, is characterized by the wording of the HyperAir, that is what distinguishes this generation from previous models.

HyperAir is therefore synonymous with rapid charging for all your devices, and 7.5 W for the iPhone and the 10W for Android without distinction between chargers, maximum safety with the circuits fail-safe, the presence of an intelligent chip which monitors temperatures, manages and helps to keep you cool the charger, as well as a system heat dissipation up to 15% built into the structure.

Seem to be small measures, but they are solutions that make it practically perfect this new line of chargers, with maximum security and speed available. In fact, the less a charger heats up, the more the quality of charging is better and less battery tires, remaining longer in health.

Finally, this new technology will quickly recognize the device to reload, thanks to a better management of frequencies and brings the charger to adapt immediately to the smartphone supported.

There are four chargers with HyperAir in the price list of the company and we have tried only one at the moment, with the promise of recensirvi other magazines as soon as possible.

In detail then, this loader is named PC066 and stands out for the design square but with rounded edges. The surface is pleasant to the touch, while the base keeps well on desks and tables, thanks to the rubber built-in. The LED light intelligent then it is elegant and makes it comfortable to use because it provides us with a feedback about the charging, flashing green when charging and solid when charging is complete.

The charging is done in a perfect way, without any problems or smudging. The iPhone is always refilled quickly and efficiently, without overheating. Then we liked also the design of the product and its versatility. Clearly it should be used with the power supply in the package, to be able to be truly at the top.

We were satisfied by this new technology, RAVPower, and we can't wait to try other magazines, among which stand out some particular solutions. This product can be found on Amazon at a price of 36,99€. We also offer a discount code exclusive that will allow you to purchase it at the price 25,89€ until 31 march 2018. Here's the code: 46FL3VRQ

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