RAVPower: here, two USB chargers with fast and secure


Published on Jan 06, 2018


We have had the opportunity to try two chargers and a USB RAVPower. They are two different products but they share the same speed and security. One is a wall charger and the other is from the desk. Let's find them out below in our review.

Let's start with the first charger RAVPower, it's very useful on a desk. It is a compact HUB with four USB ports that connects via a cable rather long to any AC outlet.

The doors are four and they are identical between them-then all will be able to provide the same performance of the other. This is, specifically, a product up-to-date compared to its first version, and then integrates a number of technical solutions aimed at maximising the safety and speed of charging.

The output of each port can reach a maximum of 2.4 while the total output of the charger 8A/40W. This means that we will be able to charge four devices simultaneously at a speed of 2A per port.

We were talking about safety and now we announce all of the safety certifications of the product RAVPower. This charger is based on the technology iSmart, which allows the product to recognize and provide the current for optimal charging of the connected devices. Not lack the protections against overheating, overload, short circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent. Still, the product recognizes the input voltage from 110V to 240V so it fit well in the trip.

At the level of spaces, the charger is rather compact and is well on the desks. In addition, it is non-slip and remains stationary, without moving the mating surfaces. We have tried in black but is also available in a white version, to choose depending on the decor and the combination that you prefer.

The price of us $ 14.99 on Amazon is really good, and makes accessible this charger by the excellent performance.

We pass now to the second charger we have had the opportunity to try in recent days. It is a wall charger, so it's pretty traditional that offers two USB ports. In this case, the USB ports are different and do not offer the same performance. A door is iSmart, as we have seen before, while the other is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

The combination between the two ports allows this charger to be very versatile and satisfy the needs of users so much easier. The port Quick Charge 3.0 charging at 2A/12V and provides an output of 2.4 A/5V for products that do not support this standard. The two USB ports can be used simultaneously up to a maximum output of 4.8 A.

This product leverages the technology iSmart and QC 3.0 INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage) to provide for the most efficient charging possible. Still, the product recognizes the input voltage from 100V to 240V so it fit well in the trip. Confirm the safety before seen on another charger.

This product then is different from the previous and offers a charging solution. Which one to choose between the two depends on your needs but the price is the same. Also this charger is available on Amazon at a price of 14,99€.

We had a rather fine with both the USB chargers. We appreciated the convenience of having it available on your desk 4 USB ports with a charging very fast and secure and we have chosen to use the wall charger during the night, to recharge two devices on the bedside table. A couple that we liked so much. Appreciable heating rather content while charging.

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