Ratings flop for the docu-fiction on Ambrosoli: choice kamikaze Rai 1, which turns on the first time to 21,38


Published on Dec 19, 2019


But you can start the first evening at 21,38? There is really hardship in all of this, as they say, the more young people. A choice, that of the Rai, really incomprehensible given excellent ratings to both of the access prime time, which doesn't need these gimmicks to shine, that's prime time. If The usual suspects ended around 21,25 ( which already, in our opinion, it would be much) would win without any difficulty the challenge with Strip the news, which remains very far behind the ratings of Rai 1. So why start earlier in the evening so late? If you continue on this line, the public will begin to look elsewhere, as does the rest with Channel 5. And to think that some years ago the then director of Rai 1 Andrea Fabiano, he had even proposed to start the first time at 21,10. That wise decision. Sin, however, that the logic of the share have had the best and all this lasted very little.

The problem is that if you pull too much the rope, the long road. We also plan to listen to recorded yesterday, December 18, 2019. Rai 1 wins the challenge of the first evening for a breath against Channel 5, and recording plays very similar to Rai 3 with a docu-fiction dedicated to Giorgio Ambrosoli. Listen to the bass clearly immeritati but that are the result of a decision to kamikaze the absolutely inexplicable if you consider that yesterday evening, the first evening game at 21,38 after the end of The usual suspects. Outrageous and embarrassing are the two terms that seem best to describe what happened and what is happening in the last few weeks, where all this happens more and more often.

If there was more respect for the public, who would like to see a movie, or a fiction end around 23,20, all this certainly would not happen. But obviously the logic at the time, are other and of the viewer, it does not matter.

We see the numbers.

On Bbc1 Giorgio Ambrosoli – the Price of The Coraggio2.478.000 spectators, equal to 11.9% of the share. On Channel 5, Travel in the Great Beauty – The Vatican 2.327.000 spectators equal to 12.4% of the share. A result to Channel 5, which was miraculous since she was carrying it in prime time CULTURE.

On Rai2 Salemme the best... live! – The Needs and dreams 1.491.000 viewers equal to a 7% share. On Italia 1 and in The Seventh Son 1.367.000 viewers (6.1%). On Rai3 anyone Who has Seen it? 2.099.000 viewers, equal to a market share of 10.7%.

Rete 4 #CR4 – La Repubblica delle Donne 874.000 viewers with 5.2% share. On La7 Special is Not the Arena – In the square in Mezzojuso 584.000 viewers with an audience share of 4.2%. On TV8 Christmas outside the city, the 2.7% with 605.000 spectators while on the Nine A Lie Troppodi 417.000 viewers (1.9%).

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