Rars: the Smoked Porter drinkable of Birranova

Published on Jul 27, 2018

We have often, from the rows of this column about the craft beers, pointed out how we tend to prefer the beers from light and fresh to cope with the high temperatures of this season. We allowed ourselves some break from the session, blanche, IPA and other styles more suited to the summer, and we will do it again, but there is a point to underline: the drinkability and low alcohol content are not necessarily synonymous with simplicity. You can create an original beer, complex and rich in taste while retaining a simplicity of drinking that goes towards meeting the need of the time. It did, for example, the Brewery Birranova with his Rars.

What is striking of the Rars, even before drinking it, is the definition given by Birranova for its style, Smoked Porter, which indicates the desire to experiment and propose something that is not playing literal of a type of beer. The base is without a doubt one of the porter, the style born in the ‘700 in London, taking its name from the porters, became the beer of choice of the workers. Style “poor”, from which comes the most famous stout, the Arsa enriched using malt smoked in the area of Bamberg, Germany. They are, in fact, obvious as soon as uncorked the bottle, with hints of toasted and smoked donated to the beer by these malts, and which justify the attribute “smoked”, which complete the indication of the style.

Where the Arsa is close to the porter English in his appearance, in that dark color and the foam is not very dense and persistent, in addition to his being a very drinkable, so much so that the guys Birranova have explained to us how gold preferred to spillarla to the pump or to the carboazoto “as in the anglo-saxon tradition”. Next to hints of toasted, on the nose, there is also a slight fruity note, a hint that's reminiscent of prunes, while the flavor of the smoked is accompanied and complemented by the aromas are more typical of the style, ranging from coffee to chocolate. The flavour is dry and slightly bitter, combined with the lightweight body of the beer, they do that to pander to the simplicity of the drink and make it at the same time complex and easy to use. A beer to drink with ease but taking time to savor the details.

“It is said that every beer has a story and every story has a beer. Well, in my path of beer there are plenty of them. Some of these have caused my story to become that of a brewery: Birranova!”

Are the words with which the master brewing Donato Di Palma presents their work on the site of the Birranova, telling of the experience as a teenager in the United Kingdom and of the course of training in Germany. Influences that contribute to shaping her current work, and the productions of his brewery. Contamination evident in the Rars that part from the porter's English but it includes the malts typical of the rauchbier in germany.


A contamination that makes the definitive step with the addition in their Smoked Porter of the burned wheat, the historical product of the board, indicating a major focus on the territory. The Brewery Birranova has, in fact, the basis of Triggianello in Puglia, and “the Burnt was created with the intention of putting together our passion for dark beers, and slightly smoky with a ingredient of our tradition”. A choice award last February, in a Competition Beer of the year 2018, with the first place in the category “Ales, amber and dark, high or low fermentation, low-to-high alcohol content with the use of cereal-special (including ancient grains)”, as well as in the Barcelona Beer Challenge, which has recognized the Burnt the silver medal in the section related to his style.

Signals that confirm the value of this reality in puglia, absolutely keep an eye on.



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