Rapunzel – The Series will be on Disney Channel from October 27


Published on Oct 19, 2017


Are you ready to discover how to never Princess Rapunzel will back her long blonde hair? We'll get the answer during the Disney Channel Original Movie Rapunzel Before You, arriving on the 20th October at 20.10 on the Disney Channel.

The film will be the debut of the animated series that will take place on the 27th of October, always at 20.10. Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal and Maximus keep you company fans thanks to their fantastic adventures each Friday with an unpublished episode.

The Princess is having to deal with the new life at the Palace. Rapunzel, in fact, turns out that part of the royal family can be suffocating, and, eager for greater freedom and despite the love she feels for Eugene, decides to refuse the marriage proposal of the boy.

His irrepressible free spirit and his natural curiosity will take you, with the help of the maid servant Cassandra, to leave the castle hidden in the middle of the night and arrive in the place where it was found the flower that gave her magical hair. Here will happen something unexpected, from the ground rise up of the spines and the long blonde hair of the princess will grow.

While everyone in the kingdom to prepare for the coronation ceremony of Rapunzel, a mysterious figure will reach the place from which the magical flower...

The adventures of Rapunzel will be mixed with some original songs created by the composer and winner of 8 academy awards, Alan Menken (The little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas).

Rapunzel – The Series will be on Disney Channel from October 27th to




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