Ranking USA Comics October 2017: Batman crushes all!


Published on Nov 14, 2017


It seems to have stopped the decline for the whole of the second half of 2017 had hit the north american market, in October, and then it is confirmed as the month of “stability”: the decline is steady around 10%, compared to the same month last year, but a +5% compared to September 2017, while the volumes recorded an encouraging +2% from the same month last year.

The percentage reward Marvel that remains steadfast to the command with the 36.38% for dollars earned and 38.63% for comic sold but losing about a percentage point compared to last month, the benefit is not so much the DC Comics and “confirm” the percentage of the last month 30.58% for dollars earned and 35.48% for comic sold but rather the Image that is recording its best month of the whole 2017 with the 11.46% and 9.84%, respectively.

Top 10 comicbooks: as we said Batman killed all of them... Batman, and DC Comics, place 7 titles in the Top 10 with Dark Nights Metal #3 that sells for about 158.000 copies, Marvel occupies the remaining 3 positions by placing The Mighty Thor #700 to the second place. Notice how the first 4 titles in the Top 10 all exceeded 100,000 copies signal is definitely positive and encouraging.

Top 10 graphic novels & tradepaperbacks: as usual, the more heterogeneous the ranking of the volumes, but still in favour of the Image that square well 6 titles in the top ten positions, making sure of course the first location with The Walking Dead, Here's Naruto: HC selling about 19,000 copies, DC Comics defends with 3 titles among which stands out the most in the fifth position of the first tp of the Super Sons, closes the Marvel universe with 1 degrees and eighth in the Star Wars Screaming, Citadel.



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