Ranking USA Comics march 2018: Marvel solo to the command


Published on Apr 13, 2018


March at breakneck speed for the american market: you need to report yet another decline compared to the same month last year (-16%) but had 5 weeks, while compared to January and February to disastrous, in the third month of the year indicates a decline compared to the previous year that you stop just below 10%. A result from the “glass half full” if you keep in mind that the third and fourth quarter of 2017 were closed, respectively -16% and -10%. To put it in a nutshell, the bleeding is stopping but very slowly.

Marvel is the undisputed queen of the market, with 35.92% for dollars earned and 38.38% of comics sold. Follow the DC with, respectively, the 31.06% and 35.10%. Continue the good time of the Image instead, which keeps almost unchanged its percentage compared to last month with, respectively, 10.98% and 10.43%.

Top 10 comicbooks: Marvel piazza 4 titles in the Top 10 of comics sold and 5 in that of the dollars earned. The DC instead of, respectively, 5 and 3, the Image square on the same title in both the new series of Robert Kirkman, and the Italian Lorenzo De Happy Oblivion Song – already arrived also in Italy, thanks to saldaPress. The comic best-selling DARK NIGHTS RISING: METAL #6, which has sold about 187.000 copies, always DARK NIGHTS RISING: METAL #6 is the comic that has the most to gain, priced at 4,99$.

Top 10 graphic novels & tradepaperbacks: it's a battle between Image and DC in this Top 10 which earned 5 titles of the head, respectively. The volume that has sold more is The Walking Dead, Volume 29: the Lines We Cross with about 15,000 copies. Also to be reported at the ninth position, the first volume of Port of Earth, the sci-fi series license plate Image, and signed by Zack Kaplan and the Italian Andrea Mutti. The more heterogeneous the Top 10 but of the volumes which have gained more with the Marvel that square 4 titles, DC 5, and Image only one, which is also the volume that has the most to gain or The Walking Dead, Volume 29: the Lines We Cross.

We analyze, however, the sales data in a manner a bit more in-depth.

In the Top 10 Comicbooks stands out, without doubt, the podium with 3 titles, exceeding all 100,000 copies, and the next 5 will approach you, a net improvement compared to last month.

Relatively excellent debuts of the house Marvel – Weapon H and Infinity Countdown – all the while continuing the decline of the titles DC of the imprinting, The New Age of Heroes that have registered a decline of between 22% and 32%: The Terrifics currently is the only title to navigate in calm waters, while the #2 Damage stagnated at about 22,000 copies, or very close to the danger threshold of 20,000 copies of that in DC often means closure. Is not rosy either the situation for the titles in the Young Animal which are shared with the “second season” coming in on average around 13.000 copies, a disappointing result but in line with those of other imprinting or Wildstorm: the point here is to understand if the DC is satisfied of this hard core of readers, and this slice of the market, otherwise exposed to its competitors, or will take measures and possibly cut off these editorial guidelines.

For Image debuts very well Oblivion Song – about 80,000 copies – displacing even The Walking Dead! The Great, however, the square only 5 titles in the Top 100: in addition to the already mentioned Oblivion Song and TWD are there Gideon Falls – Jeff Lemire and Italian Andrea Sorrentino – Saga and Hitgirl.


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