Ranking USA Comics: comics best-selling 2018


Published on Jan 19, 2019


The sole distributor of the anglo-saxon market, Diamond Comic Distributors has released the annual report, which reveals the state of the art in the USA market and in general of the comics industry.

Part of the report obviously the Top 10 of the comics and of the volumes sold in 2018, as well as the overall percentage with which the various publishers are scores of the market during the calendar year.

Let's start with the two Top 10 that are already leading to several issues for discussion.

Marvel buys in 7 of the top 10 positions – 4 of these books, however, are #1 – while the comics sold more in the celebratory Action Comics #1000, the register of the official debut of Brian M. Bendis to DC.

If we move instead to the Top 10 of the volumes, the dominance of Image is absolute with 6 volumes (3 volumes of Saga and one of the Paper Girls all signed by Brian K. Vaughan – DC in 3 positions, yielding, however, the most important one which is the first to Marvel with the tradepaperback of Infinity Gauntlet signed by Jim on This and Ron Lim, a history of 28 years ago which, on the strength of the thrust of the film Avengers: Infinity War, has lived a real childhood.

A photograph is more “realistic” in the USA market, however, comes to us from the percentages related to the various publishers, in which the Marvel is, as is easily guessed, the queen, with the percentage that they touch the 40% for dollars earned for comics sold. Follow the DC tap instead of the 30% – percentage of “security” for the publisher of Batman and Superman – doesn't manage to break through the psychological threshold of 10% of the Image that stops just below. Closely followed by IDW, Dark Horse and Boom! Studios, respectively, with approximately 4%, 3% and 2%.

More concretely, who cried at the death of the market, and, in particular, of stapled, is contradicted by a resounding +3.3% in this particular slice of the market against the decline of -6.6% in volume with respect to 2017; overall the market is stable and perhaps this is the true problem to deal with: a market that fails to shake off a substantial immobility and fails to find new, and continuous, the buyers.

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