Ranking appreciation to the CEO of the company: Tim Cook lost 43 positions


Published on Jun 20, 2018


In the ranking of the CEO's most appreciated by the employees of a company, Tim Cook of Apple will lose a number of positions but has an excellent reputation.

Every year, Glassdoor compiles a comprehensive ranking of the 100 characters that indicate which are the CEO more loved by the employees of the same companies that drive.

Tim Cook lost 43 positions, and in detail, it passes from position 53 to the number 96, for a breath from being excluded from the list of 100 names.

But how does Glassdoor to do a thorough investigation, truthful and above all impartial? By have your say anonymously.

The position of Tim Cook, seen that we speak of him in this case, was decided on the basis of a series of answers anonymous Apple employees have shown during the period of data collection.

In addition to the indication in itself, in the other, employees may express a personal opinion – always anonymously – and it has emerged that during the course of the year there was an increase in stress related to work performance.

Still, almost unanimously, with 91% of the employees have indicated, however, that decisions taken by Cook and absolutely shareable, and according to their correct to increase the economic power of the enterprise and the numbers quarter-by-quarter.

A point where the employees are pressing for years with anonymous reports is the excessive secrecy that Apple requires for its projects – including its work force – and more than anyone says that are too many of the emergency sessions additional that Apple requires in the warmer periods of the year (hot in the sense of close proximity to the launching of new products or special events) for any urgent and important to be disposed of.

Finally, we must say that, collected all the data, the positions could change next year as in 2016, where the CEO of Apple has occupied the eighth position of the ranking, to a hair's breadth from the summit.


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