Ramazzotti and Pellegrinelli, love again? Friends reveal...


Published on May 03, 2020


A couple of weeks ago, we had anticipated but now the confirmations are becoming more and more consistent. Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli would be together again even if it has not arrived any official announcement. To give some indication, and we get to escape something are, however, friends of the couple according to Novella 2000.

Galeotta was the quarantine that would have allowed the rapprochement between the singer and the model. But perhaps there would also be the “hand” of Aurora Ramazzotti. The relationship between the two began in 2009 when Marica had rewarded Eros to the Wind Music Awards, but last summer, it has created a deep rift between Marica and Eros, so much so that later the rumors they wanted to Ramazzotti near Roberta Morise, what is partially correct in the “friendship”. The Pellegrinelli, with the paparazzi scion Charly Vezza, also had it done to talk about the social.

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According to Novella 2000, something between the two would be going on and although there is a lot of caution, those who know them well would be ready to swear that the situation would be very different compared to last summer where they actually decided to do a press release to announce the end of their relationship: “From the two, no confirmation, but the closest of friends are sure, and say that the singer and the model are very happy. We await confirmation. Or denial,” writes the weekly.

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Looking at Instagram you see Marica very serene while post photos and videos of flowers and fruit trees in the garden (beautiful), his cat, and the books she reads, seems to be very serene and happy but it is not easy to grasp a little more detail. Ramazzotti and Pellegrinelli have 2 children, 2 August 2011 was born Raffaela Maria, and march 14, 2015 have had Gabrio Tullio, their second son. They were married on June 6, 2014 with a civil ceremony in Milan.

You have never read the books ? It is a bit like reviewing a film and find details of most beautiful or, finally, to grasp the deeper meaning 📚. #happyathome

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