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Published on Dec 30, 2018


The song in the credits of wreck-it Ralph used to say “When is the redo? When are we going to meet?”. The past six years (seven to be picky, given that in Italy will be released January 1, 2019), here's the answer with Ralph Smashes the Internet, the sequel to that, a little as To finding Dory, we want to further explore a world that we already know.

Here, however, it is a kind of upgrade, just like in the video game that tells the story, after having explored the condition of a villain and underdog looking for revenge, this time Ralph and Vanellope will come forth from their videogames – and indeed from the comfort zone to the games room – to delve into uncharted territory, as the title suggests: the internet. The praise goes to Disney – not that we expected anything less – for the visual representation of the world wide web, intuitive for children, but with more than a few wink to the adults more aware.

From the various Ebay, Amazon, search engines, passive-aggressive, pop-up ads, videos on YouTube, and so on. There is always a balance commendable in their animation films that makes them suitable for the whole family, and with consequent different levels of awareness, identification, and meaning to the viewers. The representation applies to all aspects of the internet, as the fearsome Dark Web, or the negative comments, often the result less in favor of social media. On the other hand, the two directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston were full of invective when told to imagine the world animal anthropomorphic Zootropolis.

The history and the conduct of Ralph Smashes the Internet are very basic and almost “childish” but, a bit like Inside Out, want to tell a sort of emotional growth rather than physical. The relationship between Ralph and Vanellope is sometimes ambiguous, because it is a half way between the one between an older brother and a younger sister, but also between a father and a daughter, or even between two best-friends-but-maybe-something-more. The childishness of mind Ralph is in contrast with his physical strength, just as the emotional maturity of Vanellope is a barrel with her it would always be a little girl.

This path of growth and formation is, perhaps, most pronounced in the case of the young girl: the weakness and the desires of something different that found the glitch could represent the hormonal imbalance of the growth from pre-teen waiting for her.

The structure, dear to the Disney and animated movies in general, here also the theme given that we still from a video game of the 80s, is that of the quest itself. In this case, the research component of the game went out of production and, therefore, recoverable only online to avoid a Sugar Rush to be disconnected for ever. With the help of the world wide web, and with so much of the big bad final, often, as is the tradition, we will be ourselves.

The other end of Disney in Ralph Smashes the Internet is the ability to be celebrated as a tease. A sequence of the animated sequel to the much-publicized will, in fact, the presence of none other than Disney princess, Vanellope encounters while preparing for the test on the internet, “Which Disney princess are you?”.

This scene, along with a couple of other dedicated to show you how much Disney has now also incorporated the Marvel and Lucas Film with the Star Wars saga, testifies to such a high awareness that the House of Mickey mouse has reached on their own success by being able to afford to dismantle not only its maxi acquisitions but also its history. The Disney princesses are in fact a topos, but here they become girls next door, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the moments sung by the “detectors” – another peculiarity commissioned by Walt – that Vanellope will learn at their own expense.

And from the 1st of January, therefore, that “'ll make this game”. Ready Player Ralph.


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