Raimondo Todaro on Friends 19: “they Have lost the compass, Valentin, for if there were nothing”


Published on Mar 14, 2020


In these times we speak a lot of what happened in the episode of Friends 19 aired yesterday evening and in some way, even Raimondo Todaro, was named in dance. For a number of reasons. In the first place for a gossip circulating for a few days, then to the post-published and, finally, of the things that he said about the protagonists of the talent of Maria de Filippi. And in the end, Raymond decided to comment on social, to say what he thinks about what has happened in the last hour.

But let's go to degrees.

On the journal this week we read of an alleged crisis between Francesca Touches and Raimondo Todaro that not seen together on social for some time now. The dancer shows several shots with his little girl, but his wife no trace. According to the magazine, Alfonso Signorini, the reason of the crisis would be Valentin, dancer Friends last night, has abandoned the program of Channel 5.

Last night, around midnight and a half, Ramon placed on the social a story that says “live is not for everyone”. The public is divided: there are those who think that you're referring to Maria de Filippi, who has not been able to sustain a direct ( perhaps unlike what he would have done Milly Carlucci); and there are those who think that, instead, it refers to Valentin and his choice of leaving the talent holding the weight of what is happening in a direct.

Then come out news, with quotes, articles, according to which Todaro would say that Nicolai is recommended. And it is at this point that the master of Dancing with the stars decides to intervene and comments of the stories on social. Explain that you would not have wanted to talk about the thing, but, when reading articles with quotes, then he must comment on. “This video is due, I began to read things that are not true,” said Raimondo. He's not saying that Nicolai is recommended and keeps us in being.

“I expressed my opinion as a spectator, yesterday, have lost control,” comments Raimondo. “It was also a way to be ironic because at a certain point it seemed a bit of a comedy,” said the dancer. “They have lost the compass, has made the expenditure Valentin that poor man, for if there were nothing, that's all, nothing more and nothing less,” concluded Raimondo.

There seems to be a person who has something to say about the dancer, to which the case is closed also for the people who still believe in a relationship between the young pupil of Friends and the Tap?

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