Quick Update: Paper, Sygic, Tumblr, Fallout Shelter, Snapseed, Scanbot, Vainglory, Telegram, Age of Empires: Castle Siege, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom


Published on Dec 15, 2015


This week we highlight important updates to the applications Paper, Sygic, Tumblr, Fallout Shelter, Snapseed, Scanbot, Vainglory, Telegram, Age of Empires: Castle Siege, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Paper - Notes, Photo Annotation, and Sketches by FiftyThreeFiftyThree, Inc.Category: ProductivityFree

Paper by FiftyThree is designed to perform the basic functions just launched and with the free tool for drawing. However there are additional tools if necessary to obtain by the purchase “in app”. In particular, it is possible to purchase these additional tools: “Sketch”, “Write”, “Outline” and “Color”. The Paper also includes the Mix, the first open platform in the world for creating shared. With Mix you can take a shared idea and to use as a starting point for a remix, and to make them evolve.

This update renews the appearance of your Home, allows you to turn the pages in the view of the canvas, adds the import of multiple photos in one Space, and offers some useful models. Covers circular of the spaces have been removed. The first Idea in every space will always be centered at the top of the pile in the view Home: now you can move between pages during editing, and add a new page automatically when you finish the space (just scroll down with two fingers from left to right). And still, slide the textual content without going into edit mode, preview a portion of the image of an Idea while you edit the text and matter in a Space several photos at once from camera roll.

With this update, you can also find models starter for your Spaces (presentations, notes, storyboards, and other), you can also erase a new idea in white instead of saving it automatically.

Paper By FiftyThree is available on the App Store and can be downloaded for free at this link.

Sygic: GPS Navigation, Maps, Traffic, Speed CamerasSygic to. s.Category: NavigationFree

Sygic GPS Navigation provides access to TomTom maps offline, THEN, to the route planning and free map updates. High-quality maps of TomTom and other providers are stored on your iPhone or iPad for browsing without an Internet connection.

In this important update, we have:

New info live parking: information on prices and vacancies in the parking lots precise Searches on the map with double-tap, multi-tap and zoom, drag-and-drop Avoids the pay zones in the city of London: planning the route, and then tap “i” to access the Overview of the route, then route Options, New points of interest latest Map coverage of the road and points of interest updated. Start the app after update and select which maps you want to download TumblrTumblr, Inc.Category: Social networkFree

Tumblr lets you access directly to your personal blog and to follow authors and artists from all over the world with the ability to share multimedia content of any kind.

This update has a new function: sends a split you can now send a post message to all the Tumblr. This function has a new button: the paper airplane. To send a post, simply tap this button. The button has an extra function of messaging, available for all. Also, now you can even share the Live Photo taken on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Fallout ShelterBethesda Softworks LLCCategoria: GamesFree

In this game we will manage an underground shelter, make happy the residents and protect them from the dangers of the outside world contaminated. We can handle all aspects of the life in the Vault, starting from the style of the rooms to get to the happiness of the survivors. For example, we will be able to find a job to each member of the community, grow the inhabitants, train them, provide them with weapons and clothing, to prosper, the community is doing to pair the people and trying the radio with more survivors, etc., in Short, so many things to do and so many options and choices available to us. Playing this game makes us sit on the chair of the director of a film post-apocalyptic.

Many of the new features of version 1.3, which now adds the ability to have puppies is to improve the happiness and productivity of the inhabitants.

If you are interested, the Fallout Shelter is available for iPhone and iPad for free on the App Store. You can download it from this address.

SnapseedGoogle, Inc.Category: Photo and videoFree




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