Quick Update: IFTTT, the Clash Royale, Uber, Periscope, Cook Together


Published on Nov 05, 2016


This week we highlight important updates to the applications IFTTT, the Clash Royale, Uber, FreeFlight Pro, Periscope, Cook Together.

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an intelligent web site can connect along with other online services. The iPhone application offers many of the features on the site, with the addition of an option that allows you to create new actions that used the app already installed on the device. For example, you can set IFTT in such a way that all the captured screenshots on the iPhone are saved directly in Dropbox, or you can be sent an email with written “Pleasure to make your acquaintance” for all contacts added in Gmail. IFTT is integrated with many other apps, for which you can automatically manage reminders, the app connected to accessories such as the Jawbone UP and much more.

This update adds a great novelty: the Applets. The Applets combine your favourite services to create new experiences. Are more than 360 of the apps that work with IFTTT, including Twitter, Google Drive, Weather, Instagram, e-mail, and devices such as Amazon's Alexa, Nest, Philips Hue and your iPhone.

Active the Applets with a simple switch:

Every week are added new services and now we already have Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Alexa, Nest, Fitbit, BMW, Slack, Twitter and many others.


In any case, it's really worth to try it also because IFTTT is available for free on the App Store.

In this game we have to collect and manage cards, spells, and defenses, like on Clash of Clans, and of course we will have to interact with the Royale (princes, knights, baby dragon, and others). We'll have to throw down from the towers, kings and princesses to defeat opponents and win trophies, crowns, and glory in the arena, we should create a clan to share the cards and form a personal community of fighters. In the Clash Royale, we can then challenge players around the world, dueling in real-time and take their trophies, get chests to unlock rewards, and collect powerful new cards and improve the ones that are already in our possession. Still, we can also manage the collection of the cards, preparing the deck by the battle final to defeat the enemies and create a clan to form a community of fighters custom, as we have mentioned before.

Here are all the new features of version 1.6.0:



If you are interested, Clash Royale is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free on the App Store. You can download it from this address. We specify that the Clash Royale is a free game, even if there are certain in-app purchases are optional that require real money. To disable in-app purchases you can go to the settings of iOS to the entry restrictions.

With Uber request a car with driver that will pick you up in a few minutes. The on-demand service will allow you to avoid the reservations and long waits at the taxi stations. You will be able to compare the different rates for the car types that are offered directly in the app and estimate the fare of your ride. Pay with PayPal or add a credit card in a secure manner to your account, and you will not have to carry around cash.

Lots of news for this update:

Uber is available for free on the App Store.

The pilots of the Parrot Bebop 2 will benefit from an in-flight experience better thanks to the new features of tracking.
Parrot to launch in-app “follow-me” reliable and precise, with an application of visual tracking which is unique on the market, that communicates with the GPS system and the barometer* of the smartphone from where you pilot the drone. From running to climbing, from extreme sports to cycling with the family, the Parrot Bebop 2 follows wherever the pilot, directing it to the center of the action.

The new tracking function inside the app FreeFlight Pro is the most precise and reliable available on the market. Developed by Parrot, the function ‘follow me’ combines three parameters: visual tracking, the GPS system of the smartphone and, if available, a barometer. In particular:

The GPS “Follow me“ function and visual tracking developed by Parrot offers two drive modes:

Auto Follow

Once in flight, using the user friendly interface of the app, the pilot can set the flight altitude, the distance from the subject (minimum 5 metres), the angle of vision and set himself as the subject to be tracked. Once the parameters are set, the smartphone is no longer necessary. You can then keep it in your pocket or backpack.
Walk, run or ride... the drone will move alone and will follow you like a shadow, allowing the subject to remain in the center of the image without need of intervention by part of the pilot. The barometer of the smartphone will activate the mode ‘Climb’ that will enhance the accuracy of tracking and know how to regulate the flight altitude in real time. Over-steering: at any time, using your smartphone, you can take control of the drone and adjust the flight altitude, the distance between the subject and the drone and the angle of the shot.

Mode features Auto Follow include:

Framing automatic

In this mode, the application uses advanced algorithms of visual tracking to keep the subject in the
the center of the image. The pilot guides the drone and, without intervention, the angle of the camera of the Bebop 2 adjusts automatically, providing a perfect framing of the subject. When the drone is running a steady flight, the angle of the camera is adjusted once and Bebop 2 will rotate on its axis, following the subject and keeping the frame.

Periscope allows you to share a real-time stream audio and video within the app, allowing other people to view it and comment on it. The link to the livestream can be shared on Twitter, thus increasing the possible audience. With this version, we find several new features:

Cook Together is a social network based on the recipes for all tastes and diets: vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or for lovers of the mediterranean diet of this, in this app you can find recipes that apply to your situation. Cooks, amateurs or the simply curious have access to a kitchen in which to meet friends and share recipes, photos, and mouth-watering dishes, and exchanging comments and evaluations (in tablespoons).

With this completely new version you can:

The app is available for free on the App Store.

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