Quick Update: Google Hangouts, Twitterific, Workflow, Photoshop, Sketch


Published on Jun 03, 2016


This week we highlight important updates to the applications, Google Hangouts, Tumblr, Twitterific, Workflow, Photoshop, Sketch, Vainglory, Stin Jee, the Ancient Greek App, SignEasy.

With Google Hangouts, conversations, audio, video or simply text come to life on Android and iOS. It is an experience cross-platform accessible to anyone with a Google account (like for Gmail, you want to Google+, you want to other services, nearly everybody nowadays has a Google account). With Hangouts, conversations, two-or in a group, come to life with photos, emoji, and video calls for free. Users can get in touch with their friends via the computer, mobile phone or tablet. Here's what's new in version 10.0.0:

The application of Google Hangouts is now available as a free download from the App Store and can be downloaded on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad by clicking here.

Tumblr lets you access directly to your personal blog and to follow authors and artists from all over the world with the ability to share multimedia content of any kind.

With this update came the post GIF. Now you can add text to your GIF. With three fonts fun and dynamic, as well as a wide range of colours to choose from, you can definitely customize the most of each GIF. Also, keep your GIFS safe and protect them with a password. Just enable this option in the settings.

Twitterrific has always been focused on reading Twitter, and Twitterrific 5 continues in this direction. The time and any other thing can be easily managed and the content is of the utmost importance, being treated as a “star”.

In this new version you can search directly from the timeline of tweets displayed, taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts and other commands. We find, then, many improvements in performance and bug-fixes.

Twitterrific 5 is available directly on the App Store. Users who do not want to see advertisements they can buy the option directly from Twitterific. Via in-app purchase you can also purchase some specific functions, push notifications, Today View, automatic translation of tweets in a foreign language), but most of the features are already available.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is an app by Adobe that is now available on the App Store since 2014. Right until a short while ago, the app was graphically compatible only with iPad, but with the arrival of the new version 3.3, the authors have made it finally to the universal, with the addition of some improvements regarding the use of the tools available. In the name of the app is perfectly suited to what we're talking about, or a design software, equipped with many tools with which to make digital their ideas and their art.

Now Sketch supports layers and allows you to add more layers to images, or designs: tap the levels icon to view the associated panel. Check the individual settings of each brush, for example, the response to pressure and speed. Also, thanks to the direct integration with Capture CC, you can create an arsenal of infinite custom brushes. Were then added to the new brushes Acrylic often, Brush and ink, Pastel soft, which simulate the real instruments in the most realistic way. Duplicate the projects by using the editing Mode or move the designs from one project to another. Make the most of the actions of the shortcut such as the ability to hold long for the app to open it on the last drawing that was created or modified. In addition, the finger acts as the stylus is pressure sensitive, enabling you to acquire more control.

Link – Price FREE!

Workflow is a powerful application for iPhone and iPad that offers some tools to automate certain actions, thus allowing us to create some “workflows”, which is a set of functions that, chained together, to ensure the achievement of the desired result. Among the Workflow features is present, for example, the ability to create animated GIFS, add an icon on your Home that allows you to call a favourite contact or create PDFS from Safari or any other application, but not only.

This update brings a new Workflow Composer, which now allows you to create and launch the different workflows in the most simple and fast, with functions more and more advanced. Were also added to the 22 new shares, for example to create on the fly playlists Apple Music, do research on the App Store or add a card on Trello. Also inserted a search bar, to quickly find the various streams created in the past.

Workflow is available on the App Store and can be purchased at the price of 2,99€.

Vainglory is a game set in an arena where we will have friends and enemies. So we'll have to fight to the best of our ability to defeat the enemies and reach the main goal. In this new version you can get rewards by completing missions and special challenges in the game, fon up to 30 levels account with chests to open for each level achieved. Players will be able to open the boxes for the levels that have already completed. Also comes the new hero of the Lance, with a unique combat style, characterized by stick and shield. Spears manages to break the enemy lines and to create opportunities for his allies. Lance is able to build crystals or utility to better perform its role of protector, or go to the weapons to inflict more damage in battle. Basic attacks Lance damage any target on the trajectory.

However, these attacks are slow and the attack speed is less effective on him. Lance takes advantage of the resistance, rather than energy, to activate its ability. By purchasing items with the energy and energy regeneration, durability, and regeneration of the resistance increase. The Lance pierces enemies, dealing damage from the weapon and immobilizzandoli in their position. If this attack hits at least one enemy, Lance can re-use immediately the ability. Intensification: if it hits an enemy in this way, resets the recovery of the Combat Roll.

Stin Jee | Daily Dining Deals & Specials Nearby | Eat & Drink For Less!Stin Jee LimitedCategoria: Food & DrinkGratis

This application is able to find the special offers of the restaurants or other local neighbors, in order of increasing distance from your location. Then just tap the special offer of any restaurant to open the detail screen of the promotion, which contains a more complete description, menu, prices, and any special conditions, the name and the exact address of the restaurant or the bistro and the distance from your current location. Stin Jee now allows owners of restaurants and bars to create their own, publish, and manage special offers in real time. It is flexible, without intermediaries, without fixed costs or percentage on revenue, and you can easily reach thousands of potential customers in the immediate vicinity of the premises. For consumers, the Stin Jee aims to present the best food and beverage offerings of restaurants and bars nearby. There is no need for registration, simply download the free app to instantly access offers, listed in order of distance from the user. So just tap on any special offer to open the detail screen with a more complete description of the bid, the name and of the local and the distance from the location of the user. And you can then follow the directions to the local call to the local, and share the details of the offer with friends on Facebook. Once arrived at the restaurant, you just show the waiter the special offer on the smart phone or tablet to get the price with the exclusive discount. With this update we also have the inclusion of the special offers of food and drinks Groupon, and the thousands of new offerings in dozens of nations. Stin Jee is available for free on the App Store.




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