Quick Update: Google GBoard, Sygic, Pokémon Go, Scanbot


Published on Oct 21, 2016


This week we highlight the important updates to Google applications GBoard, Sygic, Pokémon Go, Scanbot, to Taste Cigars.

Gboard is a standard keyboard with a lot of words recommended to be able to select at the top. The really interesting part of this keyboard is the built-in search engine: clicking on the Google logo, it is possible to perform real searches, view the main results and share them in the app where we are chatting. It is also possible to search for new emoji or GIF to be published immediately with a click of the mouse.

In this version:

Gboard is available for free on the App Store.

Sygic GPS Navigation provides access to TomTom maps offline, THEN, to the route planning and free map updates. High-quality maps of TomTom and other providers are stored on your iPhone or iPad for browsing without an Internet connection.

In this important update, we have:

As you know by now, the game uses features of reality aumnentata to merge objects in the real world with the real game. In the Pokémon Go, players will be able to explore the environment surrounding the real to capture Pokèmon not yet trained. While the players esplorarno the surrounding world, the phone vibrates when a Pokémon is nearby to capture it, you have to use the touchscreen of your phone to throw a Poké Ball. This Poké Ball, and other special items can be found in the appropriate points of interest, such as monuments, historic markets, and more.

With this update you can manage the notification settings on the bracelet Pokèmon Go Plus. For example, you can choose whether to enable or disable the notifications on the presence in the vicinity of a Pokestop or a Pokémon.

This accessory is available at a price of 57€.

Scanbot is based on the most recent and most advanced mobile scanning available. Your scans will be produced in very high quality, up to 200 dpi. To use the app, you can simply place the iPhone or the iPad over any document, invoice or whiteboard and Scanbot will take only a second to scan a page and save it as a PDF or as a JPG. Thanks to the latest technologies of Scanbot, the document's edges are detected automatically, so as to scan only the document, and nothing else. Scanbot captures the best possible image in the perfect moment.

Version 6.0 adds many new features:

The app is available for free on the App Store.

Through a series of steps, you can discover all the features you need to enjoy the best of an important cigar. For example, you can enter and compile in a technical and detailed the various cigars to have on hand a complete database of the various products that have already been tested. In addition, you can consult the list of the best cigars in the world in order to know information and details.

In this update:


Tasting Cigars is available for free on the App Store.

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