Quick Update: Evernote, Shazam, Todoist, DataMan Next


Published on Sep 15, 2016


This week we highlight important updates to the applications Shazam, Moovit, Foodora, DataMane Next, Vainglory,

Evernote allows users to annotate and save whatever comes in mind with the ability to sync across all your devices, and this is considered by many to be an excellent app to improve your productivity. Evernote will allow you to take notes, take and save photos, create to-do lists, and record even a reminder that we will be able to see it from home, on the move and from any device.

This new version supports iOS 10, and now allows you to share a note without leaving a Message, directly from the app iMessage. Also, now you can show more or less from the widget of Evernote on the screen, Searched the iOS.

Evernote is available for free on the App Store.

Shazam allows us to recognize a song simply by starting the listening and placing the device in close proximity to the sound source.

After discovering new artists in Shazam, you will be able to see what they hear and receive the latest news on them, directly in your news feed or on the page of the artist. Now on the page of the song there are more partners for the streaming. Find a song, then tap it to listen to it.

It was then resolved an issue related to the use offline and a bug that caused a crash of the app for some users.

Shazam is available for free on the App Store.

Todoist concentrates in itself all the main tools to accomplish things to do. Free users who have shared projects with other users can attach images, documents, spreadsheets, and much more to its activities and projects, directly from the web using Todoist, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Users of the free version that does not use the sharing function of the projects may not be able to use Todoist Files.

Tòdòist presents a series of major updates to its Apple apps. These innovations will improve the productivity of your users and make it more fluid switching between the various platforms. Updates will be available and visible in Todoist for iOS, Apple Watch, Mac and now also in Safari – the fourteenth platform available for Todoist.

Made in intuitive way to be exactly the same as the Apple user needs, Tòdòist continues on its path to provide a synchronization seamlessly across a growing number of platforms. Today, the reliability, the speed and intelligence of Tòdòist on Apple devices will make it even easier to bring forward projects and activities.

Here are some of the new features:

Todoist To Do List is available for free on the App Store.

The application Moovit is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Moovit allows you to find out what is the path to less crowded between those available, or that should allow you to reach the desired destination as soon as possible. What characterizes Moovit is the ability for users to share anonymously information about the trip and to insert comments and reviews on the various lines of transportation in order to make known to other travelers the quality of the service provided, but also to know in real time the problems caused by accidents or delays.

With the reopening of the schools, which enter into force as of the winter timetable in more than a hundred companies that manage transport in the city where Moovit is present. From large cities to those of small and medium dimensions, Moovit provides a thorough service and the right information at the right time, with information on all lines upgraded and/or dedicated on the occasion of the beginning of the school year, and the official data of all the companies of local transport that voluntarily adhere to the app.

Thanks to the schedules in real-time, in the cities in which they are available, and guidance, the student minimizes the wait at the bus stop, saving time for sleep until the last minute, or to review the lesson and, once on the middle, I can feel when it's time to get off at the right stop and can get to the class with the maximum punctuality.

The maps Moovit provide assistance step-by-step from home to school and back, ensuring maximum tranquillity also to the parents who rely on the local transportation, the moving of the children to school. Thanks to the Best Route Suggested, students can set the address and time of the journey from home / school and back, and obtain the best path for their movement, on the basis of the traffic conditions that day, avoiding the setbacks of the moment, such as traffic, unexpected, strikes metro, road works, detours, etc.

Students can send alerts to all other users, for example signalling the level of congestion of a specific line of bus or metro, the cleaning of the medium or of the carriage, and so on. Thanks to the contribution of the Community is to continually grow the mapping of the transport on the regional scale, more and more lines are mapped all over Italy to ensure a travel experience better for all.

Moovit is available for free on the App Store.

With Foodora you can order home delivery of your favorite dishes from the best restaurants in your area. The service is available in Milan and Turin, but soon it will be in other cities. Now, you can order your favorite dish at the park during a walk, on the tram, whilst you return from a day of work, or at home on the sofa on a lazy Sunday.

The update for iOS is already available with the favorite dishes, the peak times of the orders from the app and other food trends “mobile”

A year of use of the app foodora has revealed some curious facts about the habits of the users: for example, there are peaks in orders after lunch, with an impressive 82% of the orders made after 15:00. Usually, in fact, lunch is ordered from your own computer, at work, clients gain access instead to the application to choose the dinner, in the afternoon, maybe on the way home, so that the dishes come right after them.

With regard to the favorite foods of the user of the app, the global winner is the hamburger, but many cities have other favourites. In Melbourne, for example, the dish most ordered Pho Bo (soup) vietnamese beef); Sydney is the ice cream and Montreal, the salad. In Milan, the sushi is the food most loved, while in Turin is the hamburger, the most ordered via the App, in line with the general trend.

DataMan Next helps you view the statistics in a simple and fast way, with much of the illustration of the prospectus on the possible monthly consumption based on the usage of the iPhone.

The app is able to monitor the consumption via LTE/3G and Wi-Fi, set an alarm if you exceed a certain threshold of consumption set by the user, and to display the report of all the consumption of the past.

The new version adds the new widget for iOS 10 with advanced functions.

DataMan Next is available now as a free offering on the App Store.

Vainglory is a game set in an arena where we will have friends and enemies. So we'll have to fight to the best of our ability to defeat the enemies and reach the main goal. In this new version we find levels dedicated to the summer and many other new features. The crates in the summer offer great rewards every day epotrebbero contain the Glory, ICE, increments, and Essence. The boxes daily they may give carte skin in the summer to get Krul summer Party limited edition and two skins mysterious.

In this update:

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