Queen Elizabeth retire? A 94-year-old could leave the throne...


Published on May 06, 2020


There are rumors that Queen Elizabeth is tired and wants to retire. Some newspapers argue that the Queen is the most long-lived of the history of the United Kingdom is ready to leave the throne. Queen Elizabeth retire is something that we do a little’ hard to imagine, but here is all the assumptions...

The queen from 1953, Elizabeth II has just a few weeks turned 94 years old. Under his command, England and Northern Ireland have lived through wars, mourned the death of Lady Diana and now also faced a global pandemic.

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In the course of the years many people have made assumptions and guesses about the fate of his Kingdom and who shall command after her. Especially in this last period, given the older age of the Queen and the coronavirus in circulation. Apparently Queen Elizabeth could do what no one expects: to abdicate the throne.

In the history of the English Crown, few are the real have abdicated, and certainly not something that is frowned upon. Especially when, in 1936, King Edward left the throne for love of his wife. After having spoken, broadcast, on 5 April, in front of all his people, for the fourth time in history, the Queen Elizabeth would be ready to leave the throne. The words of Elizabeth II have certainly been encouraging in time of an emergency, but after 63 years of reign, they make you think that you need a break.

Other sources still claim that the abdication is not at the behest of the Queen. Elizabeth would be forced due to force majeure, also if you do not yet know the precise nature of these reasons. The first thing that comes to mind is the elderly age.

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At the moment Queen Elizabeth is still in quarantine at Windsor Castle while Prince Charles, healed completely from the coronavirus, should be at Bukingham Palace. Runs even voice that the date of the pension has already been chosen. We just have to wait for official communications and to know who will be the member of the Royal Family to take his place.

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