Queen Elizabeth: a night of danger for her


Published on Jul 16, 2019


Intruder at Buckingham Palace, arrested 22-year-old

Buckingham Palace is one of the most secure and supervised in the world. And yet, sometimes even the Queen Elizabeth finds herself in situations of real danger, as happened a few night ago, when an intruder has managed to sneak into the rooms of the royal residence.

A 22-year old man has climbed, without being disturbed, the fence that surrounds the well-known Buckingham Palace. Once entered, the young man arrived just a few metres from the rooms of the Queen Elizabeth, which at the time of the intrusion, was peacefully sleeping.

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The young man was surprised to knock against one of the gates of Buckingham Palace: a simple detail has prevented the young man to go over and allowed the authorities to intervene. The sophisticated security system, in fact, keeps the doors of the building locked during the night.

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“An intruder was introduced at Buckingham Palace while the Queen Elizabeth was sleeping in his bedroom, he was free to move for a few minutes before the police arrive and stop”. So we read in the british media, a news spread in a matter of a few hours. We still do not know what the intentions were of the young, but the investigation is ongoing.

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