Queen Elizabeth 2.0 at the time of the coronavirus


Published on Mar 23, 2020


During the pandemic coronavirus, has been recommended to the public at large to practice the material and social autoisolarsi where possible. And it seems that the royal family has already taken note of the advice. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were in fact transferred to the castle of Windsor. It seems that the Queen is ready to record a special message to help people all over the United Kingdom.

The Telegraph announced: “The Queen will speak to the nation in this time of crisis by coronavirus”. The newspaper also noted as Elizabeth II is using the technology and how he learned to communicate with friends and family via Skype and FaceTime. “Many of us will have to find new ways to stay in touch with one of them and make sure their loved ones are safe. I am sure that we are up to the challenge,” said the queen.

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At the beginning of this week, Queen Elizabeth has issued a statement regarding the outbreak of COVID-19. He discussed the importance of isolation and wrote: “We are all invited to change our everyday life and patterns of life, regular, for the greater good of the community in which we live and, in particular, to protect the most vulnerable within them.”

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The Queen added: “We are enormously grateful for the experience and commitment of our scientists, doctors, and emergency services and the public services; but now more that at any other time in our recent past, we all have a vital role to play as individuals. Today, as in the coming days, weeks and months “.

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