Quarrel between Morgan and Asia Argento: he attacks it, you reply on Instagram...


Published on Apr 27, 2020


A passionate love and overwhelming that in the past has engulfed Morgan and Asia Argento. Duration 7 years, from 2000 to 2007, their history has led to the birth of a daughter, Anna Lou Castoldi, who is now 17 years old. As is well known, however, with time, the relations between the two have slowly eroded and deteriorated, until it is transformed into a hostility not hidden, which often turns into open warfare, fought to the sound of controversy, call-and-response public between TV, newspapers and social media.

Many times, in fact, happened to the lead singer of sixpence none the richer law for the former companion, he caused him the loss of the home foreclosed and sold at auction for some of the debts with the tax authorities. The director has instead stated that he has never paid child-support to his daughter. In a recent interview during The Life Live, Morgan has launched a dig at the former: “What I would say to Mark's younger? The I would say.... eye on Asia!”

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The replica of the Silver does not have to wait long for an answer to the singular and peculiar, as it is in the style of the director. Asia in fact has posted on Instagram a selfie, in which he announced the release of its first line of jewelry, using a caption very particular. “Who of you is without sin, cast the first stone! Jesus (John 8:7)”. A way to replicate Morgan? Many people think that this is so.

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“Who of you is without sin, cast the first stone! "- Jesus (John 8: 7) In collaboration with Jonathan Johnson, I have created a collection of necklaces inspired by the 7 deadly sins. The concept of sin is profoundly human and has accompanied our culture since its creation. But you have to keep in mind that the real sinners are not the prostitute, the drunkard, the homeless, the drug addict. They are not thieves who steal out of desperation, nor the refugees, who must work illegally in the fields. The real sin is the destruction of the environment due to the greed of money, populism resurgent, the exploitation of the workers for mass production in low-wage countries, the company without scruples, and the creation of artificial boundaries between people. In this difficult time we want to give everyone the opportunity to buy a necklace made of 100% recycled material, produced in a fair way in the study of @jonathanjohnsonjewelry in Hamburg. The necklaces will be offered in two price ranges: the version of the costume jewellery made of brass plated in gold or rhodium plated for $ 77, which will be donated to the 30% of the total price (€ 23,10). And for the portfolio of largest we offer the same series, but cast in solid silver, gold plated or rhodium plated, to € 166,60 of which will be donated to the 50% of the total price (€ 83,30). We will transfer the money from the donations to the community of Sant'egidio in Rome, that works for people on the margins of society since the 60s. I will donate 100% of my quota. Then choose your sin, favorite, and gets something good from it, because: “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality”. Dante Alighieri – the link in the bio #7deadlysins #fundraiser #Covid19 #sant'egidio #Rome #JonathanJohnson photos by @pellebuys

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Between a debate and an attack on the life of the singer and the director have gone ahead, after the end of their relationship. Morgan has had two more daughters: Lara, the fruit of the relationship with Jessica Mazzoli, competitor of XFactor and Mary Echo, created by the love for the companion, Alessandra Cataldo. In the interview, to Live Life, the artist has declared to be willing to improve and change for the sake of the third child, a newborn, to which he made this promise. In the meantime, the Silver, and enjoys the love of his children: not only is Anna Lou who is all grown up and beautiful, but also Nicholas, born from the connection with Michele Civetta.

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