Quantum Academy: Ethan – Review

Published on Oct 26, 2017

The universe of Quantum Academy is back with the new album titled Ethan – Review

After Cassandra published in 2015, ManFont back to Lucca Comics & Games with the new episode of the saga, the Quantum Academy, created by Luca Baino and Lawrence Susi and published by ManFont.

What we find in our hands with Ethan is the second exciting episode of the official adventures of the young agents of the Quantum Academy (QA) pledged to defend the world from the abnormalities of the White, but also forced to face the emotions, the fears and the suggestions of them being teenagers, but with with exceed.

For those who are not fasting in the world of Quantum Academy we remind you that we are in the future and mankind has just met a new era of well-being thanks to the discovery of the White, a form of energy, extradimensional completely clean and virtually unlimited that has put an end to the exploitation of the resources of the planet.

This form of energy is, however, if so overfished, it can represent a risk for human kind, generating the abnormalities, or the appearance of the entity as mysterious as they are dangerous.

To face this new threat, the governments of the world have established the Quantum Academy, the schools where they are trained agents were little more than adolescents, are the only ones with a mind still young and creative you can get in touch and be able to manipulate the White to get the great powers with which to counter the anomalies.

Among these young agents include, among others, Cassandra, the most popular agent Quantum Academy on the planet; Ethan, the only agent that has ever been able to teleport and Mako, it is able to manipulate the White to make machines and robots from the war.

With its 88 pages all in color, Ethan resumed the history of the Quantun Academy six months after the tragic conclusion of the events of the first book Cassandra.

The guys at Quantum Academy are still examining the size of the White to the research of Ethan Queen, who mysteriously disappeared, while reorganizing to continue to deal with the pop-up more and more frequently new and dangerous anomalies.

The search for their friend and academy mate will bring the protagonists of Quantum Academy to make a journey not only through the size of the White but also inside yourself to deal with the remorse of what happened in the tragic ending of the last volume.

What you will find during this search will forever change their concept of the White, giving this story a nice background and an interesting mixture of international intrigue, stories of love, giant monsters and superpowers you've never seen.

Compared to the first album, which had laid the foundation for the knowledge of the world of Quantum Academy, in Ethan the story becomes more fast paced, and at times almost hectic, with events that involve the various characters chasing each other and alternate, almost as if it were a single stream of consciousness that pours over the reader with his whirlwind of actions and emotions.

If this leaves many aspects of the story and the main sub-plots, which I have just mentioned and it is not always immediately clear, the other gives the player a tangible feeling for the complexity and vastness of the universe created by Luca Baino and Lorenzo Susi, leaving the curiosity and the desire to discover still more about the world of QA and the characters that inhabit it.

Are the characters with the strength, passion and fragility are typical of adolescence to give unexpected depth to the story of Ethan (but also to the whole world of Quantum Academy).

The way in which these elements adolescent are integrated with elements of the fantastic and supernatural is definitely one of the strengths of the narrative so it can be credible and to empathize with the reader.

Interesting, in this second register, is to observe the evolution of some of the main characters, starting from the bond that is created between the same Ethan, and Mako, and that will force them to delve into the secrets of their nightmares.

It is then left space also to the development of the secondary characters, like the teachers at Quantum Academy and its director, mr. Solane, on which, according to the same authors, soon we will discover new secrets.

As for the first issue this second work is characterized by a good performance graphics to drawings for colors.

Only down side is that you can make, as mentioned previously, the difficotà in some moments in the making at best and in a fluid manner, the complexity and frenzy of the events that are taking place, only to leave the reader in some passages quite confused. Any table more would certainly be given the benefit of the constant succession of events, giving the right and proper space to the richness of the story you want to tell.

With all of these items Quantum Academy: Ethan continues to is definitely a work which, while drawing with wisdom from the tradition is marveliana of the world super powers, and the more typically Italian, that he has the heart the psychological development of the characters, manages to be, like the first volume, original and fun.

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