QardioBase 2: the balance of the smart new generation


Published on Mar 31, 2018


Today we had the chance to try the brand new “QardioBase 2”, the balance smart measures your weight, calculates your BMI automatically detects the changes in your body mass (muscles, fat, water, bone mass), from the award-winning design, with built-in battery, rechargeable and with a duration of up to 12 months.

The producers of QardioBase graciously allowed us to test one of their latest products: the QardioBase 2, the balance on the smart of the last generation that will follow you and will help you take care of your well-being. Below is a short introductory clip in italiano published on YouTube by the same house:

The QardioBase 2 to arrive at your home properly packed and delivered by courier. As you can see from the images below, are taken all the precautions to avoid possible breakage of the balance due to transport.

In the package you will find the beautiful balance smart QardioBase 2, an appropriate cable for charging the built-in battery and a short manual that will help you the first startup. The wireless sync is compatible with bluetooth 4.0, wi-fi 802.11 (b/g/n with wireless security with WPA/WPA2. Already from the packaging, we notice the attention to detail in which the company holds a lot. Not for nothing has the QardioBase 2 boasts an award-winning design and stylish.

Compared to the first version have been made important steps forward, especially with regard to the stability, now much more solid and suitable for every kind of floor. The base is slightly larger than in the past, this is to allow even those who have larger feet, you can step on the scale without too much difficulty.

Not only design, but also technology: the sensor system of the latest generation provides a higher precision and measurements faster. The whole is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that, as reported by the house itself, with a frequent use is, however, able to offer a duration of up to 12 months with each refill.

When we talk about balance, all they think to measure your weight. Here, however, we talk about a balance of smart, then don't measure only the weight, but we also calculate our BMI (Body Mass Index, or BMI, Body Mass Index), by automatically detecting changes in body mass such as muscles, fat, water, bone mass. The QardioBase 2 is also able to replace the numbers with intelligent feedback, which is very nice, smiley light up the center of the base of the balance the same.

Thanks to the special app that you can download for free from the App Store [link – Price FREE! – requires iOS 10.0 or later], all the members of the family will be able to create your personal account and will automatically be recognized whenever they will want to weigh yourself. The balance also offers a special mode pregnancy for mothers, useful for monitoring the progress week after week.

Our tests have given very positive feedback. The balance of the smart is very simple to set up, the internal battery built-in (which we didn't even have to load the first time) is to have –according to the data of the mother house– a maximum of even a year. Of course, we cannot verify this with certainty given that we are trying only about a week.

With regard to the operation, measurements are taken of course automatically as soon as we set foot on the base of the balance. According to our tests, the reported data are very precise, with a margin of error relatively low. Of course we can not expect to compare it to the precision machinery and a professional sports nutritionist, but for a home use, it is definitely a great accessory. The data are immediately transferred –thanks to the wifi connection of the house– on the appropriate app installed on your iPhone where you will always be able to follow the progress and improvements achieved over time.

The application is simple to use, collects all the data in chronological order and allows you to set the weight that we want to reach thanks to the correct diet and the right training. The design is very nice and modern, all made with material durable and well designed.

The QardioBase 2 is available on Amazon uk at 150,00 € in the colors Arctic White and Volcanic Black.

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