Q Hayashida (Dorohedoro) is launching a new manga series


Published on Sep 11, 2018


The number 10 of Gessan (Gekkan Shonen Sunday") announces that Q Hayashida, is the author of Dorohedoro, will launch his next manga series to the pages of the monthly magazine published by Shogakukan in the course of the Spring of 2019

It will be called From the Dark and its three key words are space, planets, and great adventure. The announcement is accompanied by the phrase promo “The darkness that extend without end”.

In Japan, Dorohedoro, and made his debut on the pages of the deceased's monthly Ikki of Shogakukan in 1999; following the closure of the magazine in 2014, the series was transferred on Hibana, and then in 2017 is landed onto the Gekkan Shonen Sunday after the closure of Hibana; the last chapter will be released on the 13th of September 2018 on the number 10 of Gessan, the concluding volume will be available in November.

In Italy the series is published by Planet Manga (22 volumes so far):

“A new serial makes his debut in the series “Manga 2000”. It is “Dorohedoro”, Q Hayashida. Unpredictable right from the title, you will be surprised with the adventures of the Cayman, a creature with the look of a reptile anthropomorphic to grips with a violent world and magic. A new piece in fantastic and visionary adds to the complex puzzle of “Manga 2000”, the collection of modern science fiction in japan.”

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Q Hayashida (Dorohedoro) is launching a new manga series is




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