Pulp Cthulhu: arrive in Italy and the manual of adventures for the Rpg Call of Cthulhu


Published on Apr 16, 2018


Calling all the Heroes! The time has come to begin the fight against Cthulhu!

The Raven Distribution has officially announced on his page Facebook that will bring in Italy the brand new manual for Pulp Cthulhu.

This is a volume setting for the 7th edition of The Call of Cthulhu, available in English from less than a year and that allows you to play Call of Cthulhu in the style of pulp!

Abroad Pulp Cthulhu has been particularly appreciated because it gives the possibility to create their own player characters in a different way. Not simple Investigators used to work in the shadows and hide to not die, but PG can take strong positions on the basis of a substantial increase possibilities and effectiveness of the Skill.

The PG will be created on the basis of a special Pulp-ometro, which will give way to manage, according to different levels, new powers and skills of the Investigators.

In substance, in the Pulp Cthulhu Investigators are more robust and capable, and therefore more than ready to directly confront the horrors of the Cthulhu mythos!

Pulp Cthulhu is characterized by a setting full of adrenaline and with more action.

In fact, the manual contains information and advice to make the atmosphere of the pulp american the years ’30 on the game table, when the population was in the grip of the Great Depression and the Second World War was approaching inexorably.

Mysticism, hypnosis, and throws in a vacuum, and much more await the Investigators and the Keepers more enterprising!

Let us turn to the serious questions: when is it coming out of the Pulp Cthulhu? Still do not have a final date, but we will keep you updated with upcoming news!

A Time For Heroes And A Time For Adventure!

Source: RavenDistributionFB

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