Psycho Pass, first promo video and the month of the end of the third animated series


Published on Mar 14, 2019


During the event of presentation of the schedule anime network japanese television Fuji TV, it was announced that the third animated series Psycho Pass, recently announced, will debut next October at the interior of the container noitaminA.

Below is the first promotional video:

The saga of Psycho – Pass was inaugurated by the studio Production I. G (Ghost in the Shell), and from the slot noitaminA of Fuji TV in 2012, with the original animated series of 22 episodes, which was followed by a second season of 11 episodes in 2014 and a film for the cinema in 2015.

A trilogy for the film, titled Psycho-Pass SS – Sinners of the System, was completed on Friday 8 March 2019.

In Italy, the first series is available on home video both on VVVVID with the Italian dubbing.

In the near future, mental state, personality, and the potential criminal of the citizens can be monitored through a scanning system called Psycho-Pass. When the Coefficient of the Crime of an individual exceeds a certain threshold, the Section of the Anticrime Department of Public Safety has the duty to arrest him. To do so, Inspectors and Agents use special weapons called Dominator that can shoot only to the citizens, with a Coefficient of Crime is greater than the threshold.

Psycho Pass, first promo video and the month of the end of the third animated series is




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