Problems with the screens have not been replaced by Apple? To iFixit it's just a bug of iOS 11


Published on Apr 17, 2018


In the past few days, several reports have confirmed that the use of the display that are not original or replaced by authorized service centers, may work badly or block some function such as that of the automatic brightness. According to iFixit, however, it is only software bug and not a deliberate choice of Apple to sabotage the repairs of the third party.

Starting in iOS 11.1, for example, on some screens (even the original), but replaced by service centres not authorised, does not activate the function of the automatic management of the brightness. The problem does not occur if the repair is carried out by Apple or by an authorized service center. In practice, it was thought that iOS was going to block deliberately this function once the screen is replaced, even if you use all original parts.

Also, several users who have replaced or had to replace the screen of the iPhone 8 with parts that are not original, after the installation of iOS 11.3 you are met with a touch screen is not working anymore. The problem is with both iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus.

It is not the first time that captain situations of this type. You will recall, for example, the bug of the error 53 which two years ago struck so many users that they did replace the Home button on their iPhone, while in 2017 there were similar problems with the touchscreen of the iPhone 7 be replaced by centers not Apple authorized. In both cases, all the problems were fixed by Apple with a software update.

For example, with regard to the problem of the auto brightness stops working after the replacement of a screen, even if the original, iFixit has noticed that if you replace “hot”, i.e. without powering down the iPhone (not recommended), the sensor continues to operate. Just, however, you. restart the device, the auto-brightness off. The problem is then tied to a controller that for some reason fails the authentication.

According to iFixit, this time it is simply a question of software bugs present on iOS 11, that for some reason they block or limit the functions of the screen replaced by centers that are not authorized. Among other things, the same iFixit has already found a number of alternative solutions (for those who are very practical in repairs) until Apple solves the problem.

For iFixit, and then, the next update of iOS should solve any type of problem.

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