Problems for Apple: iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s have not entered the production phase


Published on Jul 17, 2017


Apple is on a delay of about a month on a classical roadmap. The three iPhone expected for this year have not entered the stage of mass production. The iPhone 8 may, therefore, arrive as soon as November.

After several bad news of this type, today comes another confirmation from Economic Daily News. According to the reports leaked in the network, Apple has not yet begun mass production of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s.

According to the source, Apple would be in delay compared to the classical roadmap. Typically the production of the new iphones started at the beginning of July. This year the production of three new iPhone will not begin before August.

The source has also added an interesting prediction on the arrival of the iPhone 8. This device would, in fact, arrive just in November, again because of the delays in the production chain. Also the Economic Daily News confirms the new features of the iPhone 8, which will have a display 5,8", but of similar size to the current iPhone 7.

The delays in production were caused by the new technologies used by Apple, especially with regard to the iPhone 8. The new OLED panel has brought various problems for the implementation of the Touch ID. Also, we still don't know if Apple is able to integrate the fingerprint sensor under the display device.

We do not know what she decides to do with Apple. If these issues are confirmed in the future, the company from Cupertino perhaps will decide to postpone the release of the new smartphone in a few weeks. For the moment, however, there are only rumors.

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