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Published on Mar 11, 2020


The ability to tell the characters hard and rotten by Garth Ennis, is combined with the irreverence of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. The three have joined forces for a product comics that Saldapress presented in a version hardcover very rich. We are talking about Pro XXXL.

The story at the center of the comic strip starring the Pro, a prostitute who tries to raise her child in an environment quite difficult. But the Pro will soon be in the center of a bet extraterrestrial.

The League of Honour was formed by a group of superheroes that rely on Pro to prove that at the end “with great power comes great responsibility”.

And then the Pro will be the extreme case is used to obtain from a person a commitment to the salvation of humanity. But things will not go exactly as the League had hoped, and as usually happens in comic books of superheroes.

Garth Ennis approaches the atmospheres of The Boys, but they turn mainly on the humor, having a duo like Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner on Harley Quinn have demonstrated how to use the characters sketchy, and the atmosphere above the lines.

The atmosphere is rotten, and hard, the Pro is a comic that would fit well for a tv series (as well as most of the latest productions comics) suitable for adults. And Ennis has this great ability to be able to give three-dimensionality to the characters and the atmosphere.

Each cartoon and story touched by Garth Ennis manages to breathe in the air (often march) of the environment told. And to enrich the whole there are the designs of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, who, with a style that mixes the features of Frank Miller and Eduardo Risso manage to make the atmosphere of the comic even harder.

Pro is one of those comics that you may lose within the marketplace for the american independent. And instead of Image Comics, and the likes of Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti often act as intermediaries between these two worlds.

The fact that Image Comics was the publishing house that has made resurgence in the american comics in the last twenty years (thanks to an innovative way of proposing stories, and with a different capacity to relate to the authors) does is set the level and the challenges of the market.

Pro XXXL is the right way to Saldapress to pay tribute and give attention to a publication of niche, but also highlights the great courage of a publisher of Image Comics.

The apparatus that is at the boundary of the comic book is full of ideas and designs. The forewords and afterwords written by Jimmy Palmiotti are always pieces of american literature, which, rightly, are often included as a corollary of the publications.

Fans of a certain type of comic, more daring in tone, the raw and the rotten in the basic approach, will in Pro the ideal history to debunk and also play with a certain tradition.

The supereroismo in this story is completely overturned, and faced with such a reality, and to human nature, which can often prove to be completely different compared to what ideally you can think of.

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