“Privacy, security, and...iPhone 5se” – iPhoneItalia Podcast #92


Published on Feb 21, 2016


Often Apple is facing problems and situations that have to do with the privacy of the users: in this case the alarm privacy is from the USA, but the story seems more complicated than it may seem. Discover what we think in this podcast!

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In this episode we analyze the problem emerged in the week about the request of a judge of the United States advanced to the Apple: the FBI would like to get hold of the data contained in an iPhone considered to be important for the purposes of the carrying out of investigations relating to the massacre of San Bernardino. Explained the how the story would seem very simple, but the requests are actually much more specific and could potentially put at risk the privacy of all Apple users. We will talk about also of future devices Apple, and to a purchase recently made by John Longo. Stay tuned for next week: a special MWC 2016.

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