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Published on Jan 11, 2017


Accustomed to having everything at your fingertips, it may seem strange to print the address book. In reality, for various reasons, may be useful to have a paper list of your phone numbers. Trusting always to the cloud, you have the opportunity to reach your data from different devices. But if something goes wrong? Remote though the possibility exists that the contacts are not being stored correctly. Or, if synchronization is disabled, and the smartphone loses the data will not be available to any of the number.

In a previous article we saw how to print the phonebook of the Android devices. Today, however, to discover together how to print the address book on the iPhone in a very easy and fast. All you need is a little patience, an Internet connection and a PC Windows or MacOs.

If you own an iPhone, you will know the full potential of iCloud. This online service allows you to store all the data and have them always at hand in your personal space. The malfunctions of this service are extremely rare, but can happen through choice you decide not to sign up with iCloud and auto-sync off.

In this case, in addition to keeping a copy stored on the PC, it can be convenient to print the address book to have it always at hand. The steps are really simple and anyone can do it. It is enough that we follow in this guide which we wrote specially for this purpose.

For your “mission” you won't need special tools. To print the address book of your iPhone you need to use a connection to the Internet and download a free program installable on both Windows and MacOs. The software in question is called Dr. Fone and enables you in its free version to have access to the memory of your iPhone to be able to print the address book.



Now proceed to the installation of the program. Once completed you will be ready to proceed further.

Once installed and launched the application you will need to choose a recovery mode from iOS device. In this way, you can export and print the directory directly from the internal memory. Now, if you have not already done so, you need to connect your iPhone to PC or Mac via the USB cable and you will find yourself in front of this screen.

In this moment you find yourself in front of everything that is inside of your iPhone. The menu on the left allows you to scroll easily between the various items. What interests you are the contacts, you need to print then the address book of the iPhone. Once you have selected the contacts to the memory of the iPhone will be scanned to ensure that all entries are correctly displayed.

Now you are ready to proceed. Select the contacts you want to export and press the print button in the top right. In this way, you will create a HTML file that will allow you to print the book so really easy.

Among the other options available there is the option to save the contacts in the format .csv to save them on your PC or Mac and in .vfc to transfer them to another iPhone. In addition, with Dr. Fone you will have the chance to recover your data from a backup made previously both on iTunes and on iCloud. The only flaw of the app is that in order to unlock all of the features you will need to purchase it from the official site.

To end, please remember that the app backup related is available on the App Store at the following address.


In case of doubts or questions please do not hesitate to use the comment box below and if you know other methods to print the address book of an iPhone don't forget to report those to us.

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