Prince William: “If my children were gay? No problem”


Published on Jun 27, 2019


But I'm afraid of the reactions of the society, said the prince with a visit to the Albert Kennedy Trust in London

That has already happened in the past, it is certain. But a king or a queen publicly homosexual could be in any way a revolution. And for prince William, second in line of succession to the british throne, would it not be a problem. To assure him he was the same, stating that he considered “absolutely ok” for a hypothetical coming-out of the future on the part of one of his children, and of Kate: George, Charlotte or Louis.

The duke of Cambridge, after visiting the headquarters of an association that helps young gay men kicked out of their homes to find a roof, the husband of Kate Middleton said: “If one of my three children, declared in public to be gay, for me it would not be a problem. How I would react absolutely fine”.

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During the visit to the Albert Kennedy Trust in London, prince William responded to the question of an activist of the ngo. But he also added: “The only thing I would be concerned about is how this could be seen or interpreted, especially for the role that my children are. I know that, however, is a problem that concerns many parents, who are often subjected to strong pressures. These problems have to be addressed especially with communication, which is why I and Kate, we've already talked about it a lot, in view of the future”.

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On a note lighter, the prince also joked with the present on the experience, unusual for a royal of the house of Windsor, have agreed to pose in 2016 on the cover of Attitude magazine the world's Lgbt youth. “Having seen some of the covers earlier, I was a little nervous about what I would have asked for, but fortunately there were no slip stunted waiting for me,” he joked between laughs of all. The audience, on the other hand, has been promoted to full marks.

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