Prince Harry waiver to the hobby of a lifetime for Meghan


Published on Apr 14, 2020


In an interview with Radio Times, the primatologist Jane Goodall, close friends of Meghan and Harry has declared that the Prince is struggling to adapt to their new life in California, which does not know which road to take with regard to its future work. The zoologist, known internationally for her research on chimpanzees, has also stressed the influence of Meghan on her husband.

The prince, in fact, has a hobby that is contrasting with his commitment to the preservation of the animal species, in fact, is an avid hunter: “I Hunt and shoot. Harry has been convicted in the past for an image that portrayed next to the carcass of a buffalo which he had killed during a hunting trip in 2004.

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Things have changed for Harry when Meghan came to the Court, in fact, had never lost a hunt held by the royal family for the Boxing Day from when he was 12 years old, but has opted to not to disappoint his wife, who is a zealous activist for the rights and protection of animals.

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Dr. Goodall also acknowledged that Harry knew he would have to be seconded from the Crown long before the Megxit, during a conversation at the castle of Windsor, the primatologist would have joked stating that you have done for Archie, the greeting of the Queen, so a day he would have to learn it. Harry, then, would have answered: “No, they will not grow in this way.”

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