Prince Charles shock: ‘Marry Diana, it was a mistake, that's why’

Published on Oct 29, 2018

A new biography dedicated to Prince Charles of England for his 70th birthday

Surely the marriage between Prince Charles of England and Diana Spencer will remain in the annals of british royalty. The parents of William and Harry get married in 1981 and their marriage lasted only 15 years. Only in 1996 the two divorced after a long period of quarrels and betrayals.

Unfortunately, the fate of Lady Diana is known to all, died tragically after a car accident in Paris in August 1997. These and many other memories will be part of a new autobiografa that very soon will be published in episodes in the Daily Mail.

The book was written by Robert Jobson, the biographer, the official of the English Court, the work was written over 20 years after the tragic death of Diana Spencer and, to celebrate the 70th birthday of Prince Charles of England. The autobiography is called ‘Charles at Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams’ and inside it contains a lot of interviews that have been released by Charles in person.

“The marriage was a mistake, or left or sposavo. We've seen 12 times before our marriage, I was not able to tell if Diana was the woman of my life”,

said the father of William and Harry.

In the book in question, one also speaks of the relationship that Prince Charles has had with the current wife, Camilla, now the Duchess of Cornwall. In some chapters you remember all of the concern regarding the engagement to Lady Diana.

“I wanted to cancel the wedding, I knew that the prospects were very bad, I have not had the opportunity to meet Diana until the end”

said Prince Charles.

“I don't blame anybody for all that has happened, were the wrong choices. Now with Camilla are happy,”

he concluded the son of Queen Elizabeth II.

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