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Published on May 19, 2017


The definitive title is dedicated to the Tekken series is coming to consoles, after its release in the arcades in the arcade version two years ago.

Tekken 7 will crown the unbreakable King of the Iron Fist Tournament by placing a large magnifying glass on the Story mode, directly supervised by Katsuiro Harada, the father of the fighting series. The japanese developer wanted to give an impression more like film and more intriguing to the Story Mode than previous titles, both on a visual level that at a content level.

Heihachi Mishima is back with great fanfare as the protagonist, taking back in hand the Mishima Zaibatsu to fight his son Kazuya and his G-Corporation, always ready to confront, not to say kill, their parent.

The birth of a demon inside the body of Both the oblige to know the new characters to be able to “cure”, including Claudio, an exorcist of the Italian leader of the Hunters Sirius. Also, the enormous Gigas will make his first appearance in the series. The latter is one of the many innovations that the roster of Tekken 7 will be proposed.

But let's not forget Akuma. The fighter is transported from the universe of Street Fighter, will play a key role on the events of the family Mishima, in particular between Kazumi and Heihachi. The demonic fighter, a master of the Satsui no Hado is the real bet for this new title.

Therefore we may say that the Story Mode then becomes a single player mode that will allow the player to not only understand the events narrated in a film, and ultra defined with Unreal Engine 4, but also to find ourselves in a real dojo training, in preparation for the multiplayer mode.

On the level of gameplay naked and raw the most important new feature in Tekken 7 is the Rage Art, special moves for each wrestler that can be used in moments of difficulty to overturn the match, channeling the damage and then riversarli against the enemy in a single moment. Also worth mentioning are the Power Crush, or moves that can absorb blows and minor but they do continue the combo in the act.

Between a part and the other of the story have been included in addition of the sections of alternatives such as Lars, called to deal with hordes of soldiers while riding a gun and with the camera that moves to three-quarters of the character as a real third person shooter.

Total customization and VR Mode are the last but not the least important new features in Tekken 7, if the first will provide a multitude of exaggerated costumes with which to spruce up your character, the second is inserted in order to take advantage of the VR of Sony to explore with the camera during the battle. However, it remains to be tested in the phase of review, in order to understand its potential.

The release of Tekken 7 is scheduled for June 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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