PREVIEW – SBE: sixty-Eight. Loose dogs of Gianfranco Manfredi


Published on May 09, 2018


The spring of 1968.
Six young students, around twenty years, they make friendship in Milan, in the course of the first occupations of Universities and high schools, and demonstrations. Do not belong to any political group defined, they participate simply to experience the fight of their generation. Are “loose dogs” in the broadest sense: sensitive to their personal journeys, be open to change, non-conformist: "all of us in some measure the “rebels” than their families and the life style of the generations that preceded them.

It is from here that takes away sixty-Eight. Loose dogs of Gianfranco Manfredi.

The publication is placed within the context of the fiftieth anniversary of the student riots of 1968 and offers the two initial episodes of the series created and written by Gianfranco Manfredi, who then arrive on newsstands starting next autumn with the drawings and the design of the characters of Luca Casalanguida. Loose dogs is the first real foray Bonelli in Italian history recently: the intention is not to present the events in a didactic way, but to follow the everyday life of the characters, to understand how the world was transforming has changed them. Gianfranco Manfredi, writer, and producer of successful series such as “Magic Wind”, “Hidden Face” and “Shanghai Devil”, depicts in fact a fresco that, through the narrative of the life of common people, a photographer for the reflection of the history of our country. And accompanies us through the growth, and the private choices of the six characters that slowly become family and friends, while they move between the classrooms of the University of Studies of Milan, the courtyards of the Catholic, the Bar Magenta and the beloved record stores.

We meet then in the course of history, the particular Lina Mastai, the daughter of a pastry cook, and student of Letters and Philosophy, where it follows the course of Psychology. Lina lives in a house of railing, you keep with small jobs from time to time and participates in the feminist movement. Then there is the Margherita Bignami (called Marghe), the youngest and the richest of the group. Marghe lives in a prestigious building: his father is a director of Mediobanca, with a partisan past, in Justice and Freedom; his mother is a restless woman, unable to adapt to the role of the bourgeois wife. Among the suitors of the girl there are Armando De Barzi (known as Deb), milanese doc with his father, a building contractor and her mother a housewife, and Turi Melluso, expelled by the Catholic University for indiscipline, a lover of motorcycles and Steve McQueen, the only son of a sicilian father (policeman) and mother a statement. A close friend of Turi is Milos Colombo, the son of a single mother who runs a record shop. Paolo Sarti (called Pablo) is piedmont. His mother runs a hotel/restaurant in Pinerolo, and her father is an ex-partisan, the son of the people who abandoned himself to a sort of resigned apathy and succumbed to the alcohol. Pablo also has an older sister, married, who lives in London. He studied Philosophy in Milan, where he lives as the guest of his uncle, a painter.

And then there is Italo Rossini, who has fifteen years more than the others. Professional photographer, Italo has had the fortune of photographing the kids during the event. The one shot Rossini remained fond of it, as a memory copy of rebellious youth, and thanks to a show in the twenty years of the sixty-Eight gets to know those students, and curious for the turns of their lives...

Thanks to him, we will thus follow the protagonists up to the Eighties, with a narrative that does not respect necessarily the chronological line of events, between Italy, Europe and the rest of the world, including the Chile of the coup of 1973.

Subject: Gianfranco Manfredi
Screenplay: Gianfranco Manfredi
Drawings: Luca Casalanguida
Cover: Luca Casalanguida
Type: Hardcover
Size: 22 x 30 cm, b/w
Pages: 128
Price: 19 euro

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