PREVIEW SBE: Dylan Dog 383 – Black Depths of Dario Argento and Corrado Roi


Published on Jun 28, 2018


Sergio Bonelli Editore has just published a preview is very important. Through their site, in fact, has spread the cover, the synopsis and some preview pages of the comic Dylan Dog 383 titled Deep Black written by Dario Argento, legendary horror director who became famous for films such as Profondo Rosso and Suspiria.

The album will be released on newsstands on July 28. Dario Argento is joined in the subject and screenplay: Stefano Piani, while the drawings are made by Corrado Roi. The official cover will be, as always, made by Gigi Cavenago.

Here is the synopsis widespread on the site of the Sergio Bonelli editore (Publisher):

What has this to see the story of the beautiful Beatrix, disappeared into nothingness suddenly, with the old tradition of the whipping boy, the boys grew up next to peers of the noble house to be punished in their place when they break the rules? Dylan Dog the task to investigate, in a story devised by the master of Horror, Dario Argento.

This, however, is the cover made from Cavenago:

Below you can see the two preview pages created by maestro Corrado Roi:

PREVIEW SBE: Dylan Dog 383 – Black Depths of Dario Argento and Corrado Roi is




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