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Published on Feb 07, 2019


Through its website, the Publisher Sergio Bonelli has started to unveil the plans for the 2019 of the label Bold.

You could say that at the last Lucca Comics & Games label, Bold, has completed one year of life. The first ad, in fact, we had given during our keynote at Lucca 2017, explaining that it would be an “umbrella” under which to create projects with a characterization narrative and graphics from the cut the more “adult” than the bonellianità traditional. In the course of 2018, Bold, presented at the newsstand and library its first products, starting from the highly successful books dedicated to Senzanima and the interesting series on the character of Deadwood Dick created by Joe R. Lansdale, who has exhausted his run in kiosk and is preparing to recur in the library with the other two volumes, hardback. Because of the particularity of this label is to ride both of the channels of distribution.

In fact, the library and the comic store that the saga of Senzanima you are unraveling, for now. The third volume, the Dark, is expected on the shelves in the spring, to continue the story of the adventures of a young Ian Aranill and of the notorious mercenary company known as “the Senzanima”. The authors are Luca Enoch for the texts, Alfio Buscaglia for the drawings, and Andres Mossa (colors, with the cover signed, as always, by Mario Alberti. In the meantime, the six Dogs loose Gianfranco Manfredi are continuing their travel on the newsstand that brought them in the sunny Côte d'azur and in the next few months will take them even from the other side of the Atlantic. On the contrary, the trip of Mister No Revolution ends as scheduled at the end of may, and even if we already know that his travels will take him in the Amazon, the trip will still be full of surprises.

The real news of the Bold, coming from summer. In June, returns to the newsstand “Darwin”, in the autumn, it will be the turn instead of “K-11” and “10 October”.

The real news of the label Bold, however, they arrive from the summer. In June, in fact, back in the newsstand Darwin, the character of Luigi Piccatto met for the first time in the number 7 of the series romanzi a fumetti. Eight albi written by Michele Masiero and designed, of course, Piccatto, still with the collaboration of Renato Riccio and Matthew Santaniello, which continues the story told in the June 2012 exploring the post-apocalyptic world imagined by the designer in turin.

In autumn, it will be the turn instead of K-11, the creature of Matteo Casali, which we announced in Lucca 2018, and that presents a setting a little different from the habits of our readers, taking advantage of a genre fiction novel for our publishing House. Starting from the battle of Stalingrad, the series – the first issue of which uses of the designs by Davide Gianfelice – tells a human story that develops at the horse of the Iron Curtain and which will not leave indifferent readers.

That 10 October is, on the contrary, a history that is intimate and marked by a strong vein of melancholy, written by Paola Barbato and drawn by Mattia Surroz, which it does with this title in his debut bonelliano. A history of which we will not tell you anything yet, leaving that to talk about the boards that we propose in the gallery at the top of the page.

And in the gallery we also present a table – the first that we show you! – a new series dedicated to the Unknown to Magnus, which will be released also in the course of the autumn.

And then comes “The Border”. How and where will this mysterious project you'll discover in the next few months. How and where will the mysterious project designed by Mauro Uzzeo and Giovanni Masi? Semineremo some tracks in the next few months. With this preview, we wanted, in short, to give you just a small taste of what you'll see in the course of 2019 – in kiosk as in the library – with the brand Bold.

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