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Published on Jan 19, 2019


Let's discover together Luca Barbieri what awaits us during the 2019 about Dragonero.

After the war with the Black Queens, the invasion of the dark Elves has left a tragic legacy of ashes and ruins, an empire shattered, and a world to its knees. Given these premises, it is difficult to imagine the new, the dramatic upheavals; and instead...

“From the ashes of the war of the Black Queens”. With this title, during the traditional trade exhibition in Lucca Comics and Games, was presented the 2019 dragoneriano, demonstrating that Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti intend to tell what happens to the Erondàr and its inhabitants after the conclusion of the violent conflict. The brutality of a war, in fact, does not stop with only the end of hostilities. The invasion of the dark Elves has left a tragic legacy of ashes and ruins, an empire shattered, and a world to its knees.

Given these premises, it is difficult to imagine the new, the dramatic upheavals; and after having delighted with a series of shots of the breathtaking scenes throughout the saga of the Black Queens, Enoch and Vietti have not the slightest intention of giving up the blow and prepare, on the contrary, to leave you once again with his mouth open!

The year of Ian and associates presents you with a crescendo of novelty, which will have its apex in the fall of 2019 and that starts in this cold January, with an adventure set among the eternal snows of the Enclave of the Mountain. The first surprise by 2019 is the onset, to the lyrics, Gabriella Contu: the story, which revolves around the theft of secret plans for a powerful weapon, is rooted precisely in those ashes that we spoke of before, the ones left by the Queens Black Tectuendàrt, half-ruined headquarters of the technocrats in the course of rebuilding. In February, Stefano Vietti keeps a promise torn from Myrva to Ian in the fateful no. 64 the first book of the post-saga. What was that about? To make a journey to a distant hermitage to get answers to some painful questions about the past of the order of Varliedarto. What the two brothers discovered, however, it would have been better if he had remained hidden. Another mystery, that of the past in Aura, it is revealed in the double story of march and April, in a long and tense adventure which sees the return of one of the most ancient and potent antagonists of Ian!

In may are placed the foundations for a new mini-saga that will lead us directly to the autumn and to the disturbing surprises that we have prepared for you. It all starts when a lethal as the incurable disease affects the Erondàr. It is a hemorrhagic fever whose poetic name, “the weeping red”, not mitigating at all the terrifying effects of this pandemic, a death so horrific as painful. The only man able to cure the disease is the self-proclaimed priest of a mysterious divinity, who hides a dark secret... a secret that the readers of Dragonero know! It is, in this case, the reappearance of an old character, of which Luca and Stefano had not at all forgotten, as have not forgotten the Abominii, whose desire to return in the Erondàr has never been so strong. Only the determination of our heroes will manage to prevent him, at the end of a wild fight to the last blood.

When a slow and inexorable poisoning threatens to kill Ian and Gmor, tap in the Evening to find a remedy: the “quest” (one of the themes of fantasy par excellence!) leads our heroes before in the desert and then in the jungles of the South, away from what, at the same time, it's happening to Vàhlendàrt... on their return, what awaits them is far beyond all of the black imagination! What is it about? To find out you have to wait for the autumn!

A little before, rather – and more precisely in the summer – you can enjoy the usual Special one, dedicated to a series of mysterious abductions of children by a creature that people thought was only a myth! The texts are by Luca Enoch, the designs of Emanuele Gizzi.

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