PREVIEW – SBE: 2019 of Dampyr


Published on Jan 18, 2019


Through his official website, SBE continues the series relating to the main news that will involve the characters, and their related publications.

It's up to Mauro Boselli, and Giorgio Giusfredi introduce the 2019 of Harlan Draka, the Dampyr.

There is one year more risky than others, in the difficult existence of the dampyr Harlan Draka and his "pards" Tesla and Kurjak? We do not hesitate to tell you that it will probably be this! After the sadistic maniacs of the revived Hellfire Club, our heroes meet vampires submerged in the waters of the Antilles and the crew of the pirate Akhar Nun and then collide against the home and the accomplice not-dead Countess Bloody Erszbeth Bathory. Most of the trouble, however, will come from the inside of the trio...

Emil Kurjak will be transformed into a vampire? Which diagnosis would make her cough a lung the famous oncologist breton Armand Kergaz? And, above all, the alien parasite that lurks in his body, the Pale Mask, snorkel and lead you on the path of Evil? In a series of stories linked between them, and without a moment to breath, our heroes will be swept up in a whirlwind of supernatural dangers: from the red light district of New Orleans where the succuba Eisheth Zenumium heads the special girls of the brothel Mahogany Hall to the lost worlds of the imagination of H. P. Lovecraft, Harlan will face the terrible Baron Samedì and the even more scary Black Man, the alter ego of the one Great Ancient, able to walk on the Earth!

In the parallel world, where it operates the company is the warrior of Rhaleya, the war will become total, and the incursion of Cthulhu and members will propagate to the entire Multiverse, with an unusual alliance between Dampyr, and the Principles for Devils. But that part will be Kurjak? Someone whispers him in the arms of the princess Xeethra, others say that now is guiding him to the edge of Chaos between the bizarre towers of Carcosa... And this is just the appetizer to the horrors that await us!

PREVIEW – SBE: 2019, the Dampyr is




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