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Published on Feb 08, 2019


That just started for Nathan and his regular series on a monthly basis is a year that can count on a strong female presence: five, in fact, will be the disegnatrici in the first six months of the series and the history of albi will see Elania Elmore is the protagonist.

The 2019 Nathan Never opened with “Etherea”, space history that has marked the debut in Bonelli of the acclaimed screenwriter for Disney's George Savoury, who was assisted to the drawings by Guido Masala. In February, near Valentine's day, space in The “love kills”, a book that has two full stories, not just romantic but that focus both more on the obsession, on the sentiment: the texts of Mirko Perniola for Paul Clement in the first and Davide Rigamonti to Valentina and Romeo. Among other things, this second story, “Small traces of truth”, is the “appetizer” to the adventure that will be the protagonist Elania Elmore in the books of April and may of the regular series, written as always by Rigamonti and designed, respectively, by Vanessa Belardo, and the pair Busticchi & the Villagers, who many appreciations have been for the last Maxi Nathan Never.

The number 334 in output in march, instead, the evocative and explicit title of “alien Abductions” – collaborate Michele Medda and Elena Plant in a rich story full of mystery and atmosphere. In June, then, it is attached to the first monthly Piero Fissore, screenwriter ligure, readers have got to know and appreciate in previous occasions on the Agenzia Alfa, with a history of disturbing, facing with courage and without discount a controversial theme like the one in the sex and the depravity in the world of Nathan, the story is made even more insane by the “allusive” and seductive of Melissa Zanella. The numbers for July and August will host the last story – for the moment – John Eccher, designed by Paul Clement and Andrea Cascioli, and will see the introduction of a new agent operating in the Alfa Agency.

In September, Bepi Vigna is ready to break up as its usually the concept of reality, with the assistance of drawings always effective Giez, while in October it will be the turn of Davide Rigamonti to give a final farewell to the headboard with one of his typical story, gripping and desperate, entrusted to the chine of the solid Stefano Santoro. Of Ripamonti, also, on the portal Bonelli has announced a new and eye-catching project is the sci-fi that promises you to speak in due time.

"In November we assembled another roll with two short stories: the first, by Michele Medda and Stefano Casini, drag Nathan into a desert area to fight against the bikers and centozampe; the other, written and illustrated by Alessandro Russo, will tie in with the special of December, the work of the same author, to round off the fascinating Saga of the Dark". And at this point, as far as the regular series, the formula of the comic with two short stories will go up in the attic," he writes still Guardigli.

"As if that was not enough, he adds, in December this year, will finally start the long awaited saga created by Medda and Vigna: the nine numbers in close continuity that will keep us company for a large part of the 2020, to get – in 2021 – an entire year's signature of the two writers".

Obviously in this 2019 there will be the usual events with the Maxi Nathan Never, April and October: the first will host the adventures of Riccardo Secchi, Giovanni Gualdoni and newcomer Andrea Garagiola, the second stories of Stephen Storey, Lucio Sammartino, and, again, Fissore.

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