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Published on Feb 06, 2019


In the regular series Dylan Dog, during this year, to hold the counter will be as it is easy to imagine the cycle of meteora. Between the stages, an adventure due to Paola Barbato and Giampiero Casertano and focused on a scientist who opposes publicly the Investigator of Nightmare, and on the enigmatic nature of society's spiritual and environmentalist. Barbato, flanked by Werther Dell'edera, is also the author of the plot centered on a billionaire who escapes from the cataclismatico event taking refuge on a satellite in space. On Earth, man has, however, left an account suspended: Dylan is in charge of closing it. And still is thanks to the Barbato and drawings of Paul Martinello, a next album, that the Old Boy is in possession of an object capable of altering reality.

Barbara Baraldi and Bruno Brindisi push instead readers to reflect on the earthquake, its demons and all its horrors. Giving it all is a little girl who has the number 7 Craven Road, asking to shed light on the death of his mother. Marco Nizzoli has been called to draw of an episode – the texts are signed in this house by Paola Barbato – in which it will be obvious that the meteor has the effect of changing seasons and with them the human soul. Carlo Ambrosini writes and illustrates a story whose main theme is the game of the appearance of things in the world, for which death does not count. Given that everything is eternal, in fact, being as such cannot vanish into nothing. It will then be the turn of an episode, conceived by Giovanni Eccher and dashed by Luigi Siniscalchi, in which Carpenter has too much need of the help of the tenant of Craven Road, with all the conflicts that ensue. While it is a Corrado Roi which Man entrusts the task to view one of the many effects of the fall of the asteroid: an incomprehensible epidemic that affected the population.

Near the end of the cycle, is the scene of the settlement of accounts between Dylan and Nora Cuthbert, that passes through a company that prepares suicide-to-measure. Texts Barbato, drawings of Paolo Armitano. To put the word end to this phase of the narrative will be a story in two parts, created by Roberto Recchioni. The first will be represented by Leomacs and Nizzoli, while the second will be the number 400 of the regular series, that, as usual, for the purpose of the celebration will be in color. The brushes are of Angelo Stano.

"As for the full-bodied whales necklace Old Boy, on newsstands quadrimestralmente, will continue to revive the story of the Investigator of nightmares, set in the early days of the editorial life of the character. To be noted is the volume at the newsstands in June, as always, entirely entrusted to the sign pop duo Montanari & Grassani," explains Busatta on the web site of Bonelli.

On the source Color Fest, in the number 28, Giulio Gualtieri and Fabrizio Accatino have thought a register, and placed temporally in the London of the late Nineteenth century, in which a Dylan more gothic than ever clashes with one of the most famous and lethal threats horrific. The drawings of Stefano Landini and Fabrizio Des Dorides. In the next, with the design of John Gregory and images of the Flavian Armentaro, the creature sclaviana it falls in the folds of the most famous novels of world literature.

On the front of the Dylan Dog Magazine, instead, Alberto Ostini and Giulio Camagni realize the final chapter of the saga of Wickedford with an adventure that follows on from that published in 2018. The death of Penelope he triggered a mechanism that compels people to look in the mirror for what it really is. In the following, a brief history, and also Insist, due to the stretch of Giorgio Pontrelli, which recounts a key moment of the past Bloch: the week in which the inspector has found out the illness of his wife.

Finally, the Special dedicated to the Planet of the dead, packaged by Alessandro Bilotta and Paolo Bacilieri, will be the protagonist, Rufus, a zombie good and the horror of non-life, declined in the inexorable routine of the everyday life of ordinary madness.

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