PREVIEW – ReNoir Comics: all of the outputs of Expotraining 2018


Published on Feb 26, 2018


Renoir has presented those who will be the creators and the innovations present at the next micam shoevent.

Among the authors in the dedication at the stand there will be three international guests: Oscar Martin, the beloved author of Only, Alvaro Iglesias Sanchez, designer of the ultimate spin-off of the saga Trails Only, Grégory Panaccione, author of the Match and An ocean of love, that will my friend Toby.
Together, they will be present Gianluca Buttolo (The book of Dot, The choice – Giorgio Ambrosoli), Stefano Tamiazzo (Cynocephales) and the authors of Don Camillo a fumetti Thomas Arzeno, Davide Barzi, Francesco Bisaro, Ennio Bufi, Adriano Fruch and Mirko Treccani.

Friday, 9 march at 17:30 in Agora 3 Average, ReNoir Comics will officially present to the public, Don Camillo comic 15 – The Fair of Milan. The authors Davide Barzi, Thomas Arzeno, Francesco Bisaro, Adriano Fruch and Mirko Treccani meet the audience to tell the new volume, and anticipate the initiatives of Don Camillo a fumetti for the year 2018, the year of anniversaries guareschiani: indeed, it has been 110 years since the birth and the 50 year from the death of the creator of Peppone and Don Camillo.

These volumes with their thumbnails:

Weather, Javi Rey
Based on the novel the revelation of Jesus Carrasco, tells the story of the friendship between a child who fled his home and an old shepherd in the Spain ruled by Franco. It is a story that is tough, full of violence, in which the evil of the world shows its face the worst, but also full of hope. The story of two souls who need to be saved, and find refuge in one another.
The weather has been the novel of the year in 2013 in Spain, where it was reprinted over ten times in the first three months, and has been translated all over the world.
Javi Rey, already the designer of A sweater, Algeria, reinterprets them with a sign, clean the plot of Carrasco, making his poetics, showing frankly the hardness of the landscape, the Spanish and the hearts of the people that the book tells.
152 pages, hardcover, color. 19,90 €

Don Camillo a fumetti 15 – at The fair of Milan, of Thomas Arzeno, Davide Barzi, Francesco Bisaro, Ennio Bufi, Adriano Fruch and Mirko Treccani
In centodecimo anniversary of the birth of Giovannino Guareschi, and in the fiftieth of the death, the new number of the series leads in Milan, his characters the most famous. In the story that gives the title to the volume, in fact, Don Camillo and Peppone leave their village to venture into the big city, on the occasion of the Trade Fair of 1951.
The other six stories bring us in the Small World, between the troubles of the country and parts of everyday life in the War tells the story with his famous irony. The volume ends with a new episode of the Gazetteer of Roccapezza, the newspaper dummy of a non-existent village in the Apennines that Guareschi had invented on the pages of Candido.
The comedy of David Barzi, starting from the original stories of the War. The designs of Thomas Arzeno, Francesco Bisaro, Adriano Fruch and Mirko Treccani. The cover is by Ennio Bufi.
112 pages, column, black-and-white. 12,90 €

My friend Toby, Grégory Panaccione
The first comic long for the author to Match and An ocean of love, finally in the Italian edition. The protagonist is Toby, a dog of the breed, undefined, not beautiful nor intelligent, who lives in the countryside with his master, and passes the days, no worries at all, intent only to meet its basic needs, to loiter and to have a behind to the cats and children.
Panaccione tells us about his everyday life with a comic funny, sweet, and... completely dumb: in the comics, no one speaks, no one is barking, even the thought of Toby is represented only with drawings, and yet it is all perfectly clear. A large trial of the author for one of comics most gifted of his generation.
144 pages, paperback, color. 14,90 €

Little stories of the farm
Small stories of savannah, Frédéric Brrémaud and Federico Bertolucci
Two new volumes of the series short stories: after the forest, the sea, the jungle and the prehistory of the dog and the squirrel will start to explore the distant savannas, lions, elephants and giraffes, gazelles and wildebeest. But, you will discover that even the animals on the farm close to the house can hide a few surprises...
Two new titles for toddlers to discover animals in the company of two nice friends, and through the spectacular drawings of Federico Bertolucci.
32 pages, hardcover, color. 9,90 €

YaYa 9, of Jean-Marie Omont and Golo Zhao
The last volume of the adventures of YaYa and Tuduo, the two kids lost in the Shanghai of 1937.
A story tender and adventurous, fast-paced, illustrated with delicacy and expressiveness by Golo Zhao, the talent of the comic book chinese.
The 96-page, column, color. 7,90 €

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