PREVIEW – Marvel: the controversial Captain America #1, Coates & Yu


Published on Jul 02, 2018


“My job as a writer is to get into the head of the Cap, not to become part of the history, as Ta-Nehisi Coates behind the shield,” says the author. “Steve is not coming from West Baltimore, Steve grew up in the era of crack cocaine, the father of Steve was not a Black Panther. This is an opportunity to go back in time and imagine myself as this child, submitting to this process of super-soldier but remembering in the depths that I once was a weak kid “.

Coates leads the character in a turbulent period of its history. After the event, Marvel in 2017, the Secret Empire, in which we saw a version of the nazi-fascist Steve Rogers take control of the S. H. I. E. L. D. and then of America itself, showing how his charisma and his power can be easily bribed.

“As you feel the world about Steve?” asks Coates. “Those who trust that it really is Captain America now? It is an existential crisis. ”

Coates cites as a major inspiration, the run of Ed Brubaker of 2004-2012, with the shadows of the Cold War until the return of Bucky Barnes as the Soldier Winter. The run of Brubaker has laid the foundations to the two-film sequel to the Captain: The Winter Soldier and, in part, to Civil War. In fact, despite the miniseries is the principal of Mark Millar, it has had strong influences on the work of Brubaker.

“I think the nice thing about those movies is that Cap is a defender of american ideals, yet so often stands in opposition to his own government,” says Coates. “In two of his three movies, is on the run from the american government, even if it is Captain America! This is a theme that is very consistent in the history of Captain America and one of the things that people forget. See the flag, and if we don't think too much, is presumed to be a defender of the american government. In fact, it is a defender of american ideals, which is a very different thing. And then those moments where the government does not live up to these ideals, is in conflict with them “.

Speaks of the series as well as the responsible of the covers, Alex Ross, which focuses on the fact that Cap has had to deal with the political spirit of its time since its beginnings.

“In reality, it was the story of the character,” says the designer. “In the ’60s, the attitude of the Cap not only had the man out of time, but also of the one who was experiencing the disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder even before the syndrome had a name. Also in 1941, when it appeared for the first time as a hero in the dress of the flag, was giving a punch to Hitler before we gathered together for the Allies. He was pointing out the way for us to engage in the needs of the time and the serious call-to-action. Coates, you are joining a legacy that is believed to be a good idea. ”

Although Coates is keeping the details secret, a short toll-free number in the preview (Free comic Book Day: Captain America) shows us the Cap to address the recent failures of the american and his. An enigmatic blonde woman refers derisoriamente to him as the “captain of nothing”, while Cap looks at the supporters of the Hydra that they collide with the anti-fascists, dressed in black in scenes reminiscent of the real life of Charlottesville.

Says Coates: “This will be an exploration of what it means to be Captain America in a period in which people question America itself.”

On Newsarama instead, we see the immortal mutant Selene free a friend in Russia to start to bomb the run of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Francis Yu in this preview of Captain America #1.

PREVIEW – Marvel: the controversial Captain America #1, Coates & Yu is




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