PREVIEW – Dark Horse: Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba


Published on Jul 13, 2018


After ten years of waiting, finally, it seems that Gerard Way has it made. The lead singer of My Chemical Romance, the author of Doom Patrol, and curator of the line Young Animal for DC Comics, along with cartoonist Gabriel Ba and colorist Nick Filardi, is finally about to give birth to the new chapter of the Umbrella Academy, the title of which will be Hotel Oblivion.

To give the news was the site Entertainment Weekly, which has revealed exclusively that the acclaimed series of Dark Horse, published in Italy by Bao Publishing, and winner of an Eisner award, is coming out with its first issue on October 3, and will be divided into seven parts.

In addition, the american site has posted some preview pages (available below):


Maybe to put in a hurry to Gerard Way and the partners was also the imminent release of a television series, produced by Netflix, which is dedicated to the Umbrella Academy, and that will have as protagonist the actress Ellen Page.

Dark Horse has already announced a conference dedicated in occasion of the San Diego Comic-con, in addition to the provision of a wide range of gadgets and material merchandising to compensate for the expectation of the fans.

Umbrella Academy is a series that debuted in 2007 with a story called " The Suite of the book of Revelation, and was followed in 2008 by the publication of a second volume, entitled Dallas.

Umbrella Academy is the story of an aimless group of superheroes, were raised by their adoptive father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, a wealthy entrepreneur who has the task of educating the members of the academy to save the world from threats such as Gustav Eiffel, the version of the robot zombies and statues of Abraham Lincoln living. The protagonists of the story are the young people: Spaceboy, Kraken, Rumor, Medium, Number 5, the Horror and the Violin White.

PREVIEW – Dark Horse: Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba is




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