PREVIEW – Bonelli: first tables, and details of the titles Bold


Published on Feb 16, 2018


The label Bold was presented with a surprise during the last Lucca Comics & Games, and the editorial director Michele Masiero has defined

an umbrella under which we will give life to projects with a characterization narrative and graphics from the cut the more “adult” compared to the habits of our publishing House. A new language for us; a new way to bring the “bonellianità” traditional by moving it to a public that is increasingly demanding and developing it in a serial medium-short. A first taste of this different way of telling a story in comics, you have already had in Lucca, with the release of the book of Dragonero Senzanima, a forerunner of a series that will be coming soon in the newsstand and the library.

The SBE now offers a full rundown of the titles, which will debut in the coming months.

As for Senzanima, also the first official proposal of the label in Bold will make its debut as a volume from the library to then be re-submitted in the format register from the newsstand. On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the student riots of 1968, in fact, will be released in may the first volume of the loose Dogs – titled, precisely, “the Sixties” – which brings together the two initial episodes of the series created and written by Gianfranco Manfredi, series that then arrive on newsstands starting in October. Loose dogs tells the story of a group of friends in ’68, he attended the university of Milan and remains involved in the climate of protest that particular time. We follow the protagonists up to the Eighties, with a narrative that does not respect necessarily the chronological line of events, between Italy, Europe and the rest of the world, including the Chile of the coup of 1973. It is the first foray of the true Bonelli in Italian History recently, but the intent is not to present the events in a didactic way, but to follow the everyday life of the characters, to understand how the world was transforming and has transformed them. The designs of these two episodes, as well as the design of the characters, are by Luca Casalanguida.

Joe R. Lansdale has taken a cue from the figure really existed, of Nat Love – a cowboy and gunman of color active immediately after the War of Secession, that was one of many to be dubbed precisely Deadwood Dick – and made it the protagonist of several of his stories. In seven comic books to be adapted short stories, “Soldierin'” and “Hide and Horns” and the short novel “Black Hat Jack”, putting the work of three designers tip of the publishing House: Corrado Mastantuono, Pasquale Frisenda and Stefano Andreucci. The writers, however, are Michele Masiero and Maurizio Colombo and Mauro Boselli. Of course, Deadwood Dick, we find the West's dirty and hard, typical of the stories of Lansdale, so expect a series of tough!

The third proposal of the label in Bold, instead, will arrive in the autumn. This is Mister No Revolution, which will propose a particular version of Jerry Drake, an “experiment” on the skin of the character nolittiano, designed by Michele Masiero with the sensational drawings by Matteo Cremona and Alessio Avallone and the evocative colors by Giovanna Niro, Alessia Pastorello, Luke Saponti and Stefania Aquaro. Of this project were not revealed further details, promising big surprises on its contents. The appointment with this new Jerry Drake, then, is set for Lucca 2018.

The novelty of the label Bold, however, does not end here. Securities processing, and for which has not yet been defined a release date that is accurate, there are many: from the new adventures of the Unknown of Magnus to the cross media project of Mauro Uzzeo and Giovanni Masi The border, passing through Darwin, October 10 and K-11.

PREVIEW – Bonelli: first tables, and details of the titles Bold is




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