PREVIEW – BAO Publishing: Watched from the Beluga, the Magic of Daniel's face and Neck


Published on Apr 22, 2018


BAO Publishing is proud to announce the release in all the libraries to watch from the Beluga Magic, the new book of Daniel's Neck.

Daniel's face and Neck, that in 2017 he astonished the world of Italian Comics, with the beautiful graphic novel Residence Arcadia, is back with a volume of the same size, that collects, for the first time on paper strips for which it is famous on the web including a long unpublished story (over thirty pages).

With this book, Daniel tells the man behind the cartoonist. The strips, redesigned, organized in a narrative way, and framed in a new story, emerging from the extemporaneous nature of the vent of any man – from the shameful love for Alberto Angela the frustration when at the supermarket, and end up the “tastes” at the salumi counter – to create a universe consistent with its own continuity and internal, that the new story reveals and exalts.

A look sincere and without filters, on the every day life of Daniel-character, to find out that there is the shadow of a beluga that hangs over the lives of all of us. Daniel's face and Neck, which amazed the world of Italian comics in 2017 with his first graphic novel “Residence Arcadia,” arrives at the library with a new book collects the strips that have made it popular on the web – the small, irresistible tragicomedy of everyday with guest stars such as Alberto Angela and Franca Leosini – together with a long new story and intimate.

The first opportunities to meet Daniel face and Neck will be:

– April 28/ May 1 – Naples – Naples Comicon, a guest at the booth, BAO Publishing
– May 3, 2018 – Milan La Feltrinelli at 18:30 presentation in the Cathedral
– 10/14 in may the international book fair of Turin, host to the booth, BAO Publishing

PREVIEW – BAO Publishing: Watched from the Beluga, the Magic of Daniel's face and Neck is




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