PREVIEW – BAO Publishing: The Golden Age Vol. 1 Cyril Pedrosa and Roxanne Moreil


Published on Sep 17, 2018


BAO Publishing is proud to announce the release in all the libraries of The golden age – volume 1, the new book by Cyril Pedrosa and Roxanne Moreil.

Cyril Pedrosa, assisted to the texts by Roxanne Moreil, creates a story in two parts, set in an ancient sui generis, wounded by deep social injustices. Tilda, a princess destined to ascend to the throne after the suicide of the king, his father, is exiled to an intrigue of the palace, but discovers he is part of a destiny much greater than she is.

A destiny linked to the history of a book, entitled The age of gold, that preaches the doctrine, the most dangerous of all: that of solidarity, of sharing and compassion. Aided by two knights in disgrace, Tankred, and the trust Bertil, Tilda will look your way and you will lose badly, while the popular revolution destroys the normal order of things.

A timeless classic and current themes and modern artwork.

“The king is dead. Tilda, his daughter, is preparing to succeed him. But a plot hatched by his brother and is forced to exile. The princess laid, however, does not give up and decides to regain his kingdom.”

Cyril Pedrosa, with Roxanne Moreil his writing, reinvents the epic medieval in the new graphic novel “The golden age”. A thrilling journey of adventure that tells the story of princess Tilda, the heroine, the passionate and the modern. The novel, the medieval becomes a social fairy tale, in which the exploits of the heroes traditional give way to those of a new and novel protagonist. So the authors illuminate the past is to illuminate the future.

Tours and events:

25 September
hours 18:30 at la Feltrinelli in Piazza Piemonte, 2

26 September
hours 18:30 at the Feltrinelli Largo Torre Argentina 5/A

27 September
18:00 at la Feltrinelli, Piazza Ravegnana 1

PREVIEW – BAO Publishing: The Golden Age Vol. 1 Cyril Pedrosa and Roxanne Moreil is




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