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Published on Oct 01, 2018


BAO Publishing is proud to announce the release of Star of the Sea is the highly anticipated new graphic novel by Giulio Macaione, already the author of Basilico (BAO, 2016).

In a Cefalù is suspended between the ancient and the modern, Stephen lives in a perpetual ataraxia, disinterested in the life, waiting like every year, the arrival of a love unspoken, a friend of mine who is back in Sicily every summer. She is the siren that has ensnared with his hand, leaving him devoid of will. But the sirens, Cefalù, it is better not to talk about.

An old fisherman, a woman who lives at the window waiting for her husband lost at sea years before, a cat, seemingly without owners are among the victims of the sirens, or of the idea of the sirens. They have lost something, someone, that is the party for not doing more to return, leaving in their lives, a void that is impossible to explain in words. It will be just Stephen, unfinished and clumsy, looking at legends and rumors of sunny Sicily, to discover the secrets of their stories in order to allow life, rimarginato the pain, start again.
A book of deep and intense, between story and magic realism, a sign of the artistic maturity of a Giulio Macaione in the state of grace.

In the sunny sicilian summer, anything can happen, provided you do not stay anchored to the past. Stefano has a little more than twenty years, and to make decisions, to choose a goal, go away... it seems terrifying. It is much easier to stay in the village, motionless, waiting for the Navy one summer after the other lathes to distract him. The moment will come to face the future and becoming clever by the singing of the sirens that seems to have ensnared the whole of Cefalù. But where does the superstition and start the the secrets silenced?

The first dates of the tour for the presentation of the book:

October 2, Bologna, italy – preview
IGOR Library at Mustard Nursery Urban, Via Santa Croce 10/ABC, 19 hours. Presentation and signing copies.

19 October, Palermo
La Feltrinelli, Via Cavour 133, 18 hours. Presentation and signing copies.

31 October-4 November, Lucca Comics & Games
Firmacopie to the booth, BAO Publishing.

PREVIEW – BAO Publishing: Star of the Sea Giulio Macaione is




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