PREVIEW BAO Publishing: Rubble First Six Months After Zerocalcare


Published on May 04, 2018


BAO Publishing is proud to announce the Rubble First Six Months After, the new book of Zerocalcare.

Six months after the release of the Rubble first, the volume that has set a record for the artist of Rebibbia, coming to the reissue after the first print run of a hundred thousand copies in less than three weeks, Zerocalcare back with the final chapter of his history, the most emblematic and contemporary.

Born the son of the Boar. Friends reconnect. Nothing is like it was before. The sense of precariousness and social of his cast seems to be absolute, relationships (with friends!, the darkness will advance. Small pieces of each are lost, stolen, change the balance. And the armadillo is always fugitive.

If a solution exists, what will be?

The volume is also available with a cover variant limited edition of 5000 copies, exclusively for La Feltrinelli.

To November 2017 is out the Rubble first, a volume of two hundred pages with the first half of a story where Zerocalcare takes. Now, six months later comes the conclusion, which was created with the intention of giving a reading experience unique to the reader are the past six months, as well as to the characters of the story, from six months, precisely, does not see, nor feel. As it will be gone by the call which so many hopes were linked? And the process load is Dry? The wild boar has become a dad? The answer is in these tesissime, wonderful, 192 pages.

The dates of the tour presentation of the book:

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